Dr. Zyro Wong

Dr. Zyro Wong 29th Charity Birthday Celebration at Fifty5 Arkadia Plaza

Dr. Zyro Wong, the Founder cum CEO of Zyro Consulting & 8Dorm Group celebrating his 29th Birthday recently at Fifty5 Kitchen & Bar, Arkadia Plaza Kuala Lumpur

The double-themed Zyro Wong’s Oriental Myths & Legends 2019

Bringing the double-themed Zyro Oriental Myths & Legends 2019 for his 200 guests inclusive of business personalities, celebrities, bloggers and media friends. Many would just dressed up according to their favorite heroic Costumes

Dr. Zyro Wong would love to have his guests contribute some funds which shall be channeled to Kiwanis Internation Club Bangsar, Rotary Kasih, The Giving Bank and also to Gem & Bread.

On his Charity Birthday, Dr. Zyro Wong managed to get a donation total of RM6k and also Lucky draw gifts more than RM50k.

This is a time to celebrate friendship and love, where we come together not only to have fun but can also do something meaningful together –

said Dr. Zyro

On the event day, there are also some of the celebrity guests who came for the Charity Birthday Party include Amber Chia, Happy Polla (YouTuber) Andy Lau Tin Long (TVB Hong Kong), Xavier (Hong Kong) and Malaysian proud singer Fara Dolhadi (Asia Got Talent 2019)

Dr. Zyro Wong and Happy Polla

Dr. Zyro Wong charity birthday party also attended by YB Chua Wei Keat (Member of parliament Rawang), Tan Sri James Tan, Dato’ Sri Dzulkarnain, Dato’ Sri Steven Eng, Tengku Normah, Dato’ Anthony Cheng, Dato Sri Vincent Tiew and Dato’Jovu Heng, Datin Maylene,Datin Geraldine, Prof. Coco Alex and many more.

Dr. Zyro Wong and Datin Maylene

Not to forget also to thanks the wonderful sponsorships – the top brands which came together to make the birthday bash a mega-brand experience for guests. They are:-

  • Fifty5 Kitchen & Bar (Venue Host)
  • bisClub (Strategic Partners)
  • DreamLive (Strategic Partners)
  • EmpComm (Strategic Partners)
  • Fei Fei Crab Restaurant (Strategic Partners)
  • Smileway Dental (Strategic Partners)
  • Terry Lee Clinic (Strategic Partners)
  • Vanzo (Strategic Partners)
  • Tribalogy Studio (Strategic Partners)
  • Liz Beauty (Strategic Partners)
  • Silkscreen Trading (Strategic Partners)
  • Caroline Ang (Strategic Partners)
  • Sompoton Spa (Strategic Partners)
  • QVC Creative Communication (Official Costumes Designer for Dr. Zyro Wong)

Lucky draws prices sponsors are:-

  • Chang Jiang Coffee
  • Empro
  • ePure
  • Lip & Co
  • Boutiquinn
  • Aaron Lim

Happy Birthday to Dr. Zyro Wong again. On this auspicious day, I wish you a very joyous birthday, much love and good health.

What a great and memorable night we had with you on your special day at Fifty5 Arkadia.

Read more about Dr. Zyro Wong at https://www.facebook.com/zyrowonghk/

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