Be Confident and Smile with WHITEKISH – Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration or the common words – yellow teeth or grey teeth which may caused by extrinsic, intrinsic or age related. None of us can avoid these but these problems, can actually be solve with WHITEKISH

WHITEKISH – Teeth Whitening with Active Charcoal


Grandmother always said use charcoal to brush our teeth is good! But many of us reluctant to try and worry how charcoal could harm our gums and tooth later because there’s no proper guideline

Well, today we would love to share this Teeth Whitening product called WHITEKISH. One of the KKM Approved product that made of active charcoal.


Active charcoal is one of the natural resources which is from coconut shell.


Benefits of using Whitekish

  • teeth whitening
  • removes plaques and bacteria that caused bad breath
  • effectively removes the coral especially for smoker
  • neutral PH

Whitekish do not contains corrosive (peroxide)⁣ or any other chemical.⁣

after 7 days
  • 【 First week 】 Brush twice a day
  • 【 Following Week 】Twice a week

If you want to know more about #Whitekish, you may check on their Website : WWW.WHITEKISH.COM

Call / sms / wasap : 0178898878⁣⁣

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