Wagyuza Beef Boutique – Best to buy and cook at home

CMCO 2.0 started again and this time we decided to get some premium beef to grill at home. While searching, we found Wagyuza Beef Boutique.

Wagyu Beef from Wagyuza

If you are looking for A4, A5 or Japan best Wagyu – Kagoshima you can get it from Wagyuza Beef Boutique. From their Facebook page – Wagyuza Beef Boutique, you can always get special promotion thru their LIVE session. DON’T MISS OUT!!

Wagyuza Beef Boutique

Look at this beautiful marble designed Wagyu Beef. Its marble design is a proof of great taste and quality

This weekend gonna be a great one with some easy cooking at home.

Ever since we tasted Wagyu beef, we immediately became avid fan and often on the lookout for the best.


But now we can cook my our way in just nice medium-raw with some seasonings from Wagyuza Beef Boutique

Angus Steak


Besides wagyu beef, we manage to get a sliced of angus steak too. So juicy delicious!

No regret having it with medium-cooked. (Our admin love juicy raw meat)

Wagyuza Selling Seafood Too


Wow, not only we got their premium beef but also seafood! Without further thinking, we decided to try on OYSTER!

It is so fresh and having that sweet taste of seawater and literally melt in our mouth


A rich burst of flavors explodes and then lingers in our mouth. This is the best flavor of Mother Nature with only RM70 for 12pcs.YES ONLY RM70‼️


It is superb satisfied over the order we got and we had our great dinner with the most minimalist way of cooking it. The freshness is what we want and the tenderness is what we love it!

If you want to know more, you can check out on their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WagyuZa/

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