Potato Lover: Taste the Delicious U.S. Fries at Yellow Brick Cafe, Kuala Lumpur[REVIEW]

Who can resist Fries??!! Impossible!! U.S. Fries Fiesta is back in Klang Valley and we had the irresistible U.S. Fries in Yellow Brick Cafe. Thank You Potatoes USA for such a great Fiesta organized.

Yellow Brick Cafe serves their famous fries in conjunction with U.S. Fries Fiesta.

Yellow Brick: Posh U.S. Fries –  Truffle infused U.S.Fries served with pecorino cheese sauce. Truffle lovers will definitely love this and it could be just your main course. These long and thin fries are crispy and even delicious with a little dip with pecorino cheese sauce. Using U.S. Potatoes really a great choice as every bite taken, you can just taste the texture is so solid compare the others. U.S. potato growers offer processors high-quality potatoes from a plentiful year-round supply.

Sloppy U.S. Spuds – 
A great combination of U.S. wedges served with chili beef con Carne, Jalapeno & lots of cheese. Some people may ask will it be stuffy? Well, for me I will say NO and this is just nice to be my main course. The finishing is not stuffy and the spicy level is just nice for everyone even for those who can’t take spicy.

Besides having delicious food, we were served with yummy drinks too


Those who are not sure where is Yellow Brick Road, you may refer to their Facebook.

This U.S. Fries Fiesta will be a month-long event from 15 June – 31 July 2017 and the participating outlets are:

  1. Novotel Hotel
  2. Sams Intan
  3. Yellow Brick
  4. Movida
  5. Smores
  6. La Bodega
  7. Press Room
  8. Chaiwala Café
  9. Bonne Gilla
  10. Nevermine Pub and Bistro


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