u.s. fries bonanza

U.S. Fries Bonanza 2021 from 1st until 30th June 2021

U.S Potato is doing U.S Fries Bonanza Promotion 2021 via Grab app with 13 participating restaurants. The bonanza starts from 1st until 30th June 2021

u.s. Fries Bonanza

U.S. Fries Lovers – Don’t miss out this fries bonanza promotion

u.s. fries bonanza

If you are U.S. Fries lover like me, then you should not miss out this promotion.

There are 13 participating outlets via Grab App or Takeaway

  1. My BurgerLab
    – Awesome U.S. Fries
  2. Chili’s
    – Homestyle U.S. Fries
  3. Mikey’s Pizza
    – Staten Island 2.0 U.S. Fries
    – Brooklyn U.S. Fries
  4. NY Burger Co
    – Cheesy Beef Bacon U.S. Fries
    – Cheesy U.S. Fries 
  5. Strangers at 47
    – Shoestring U.S. Fries with Parmesan Cheese 
    – Loaded Cheesy U.S. Fries
  6. Botanica
    – Truffle U.S. Fries 
    – Broken Chili U.S. Fries
    – Tom Yum U.S. Fries
    – Okonomiyaki U.S. Fries 
  7. Burger On 16
    – Cowboys U.S. Fries (Beef) 
    – Cowboys U.S. Fries (Chicken/Vegetarian) 
    – Pepperoni Cheese U.S. Fries 
  8. Carl’s Jr
    – Beef Chilli Cheese U.S Fries 
    – Crosstrax U.S. Fries 
  9. K Fry
    – Bulgogi U.S. Tater Tots 
    – Dak Kimchi U.S. Fries 
  10. KGB
    – Texas Jalapeno Cheese U.S Fries 
    – Kimchi U.S. Fries 
  11. 3 Little Pigs
    – Buffalo U.S. Fries 
    – Cajun U.S. Fries
  12. The Owls Cafe at Happy Mansion
    – Waffle U.S. Fries 
    – Mentaiko Waffle U.S. Fries
  13. Jinjja Chicken
    – Tteokbokki U.S. Fries 
    – Sesame Seaweed U.S. Fries 
u.s. fries bonanza

How to search from the Grab App

  • Open your Grab Food App
  • Look for the U.S Fries Bonanza Banner & Click it (you can also search for USPotato if you can’t see the U.S Fries Bonanza Banner)
  • Search thru the list of participant Restaurants and their U.S Fries Items on menu
  • Make your item selection and order accordingly.
  • Once the online purchase been done, just wait for the delivery
  • Enjoy your U.S Fries when the friendly Grab Delivery man arrives with your purchase.
u.s. fries bonanza

I love U.S. potatoes is because the potatoes grown on rich soil and also in ideal temperatures. They are also using the State-of-the-art processing facilities and generations of expertise in U.S Potato farming.

Besides that, they are low in sugar content but contains high “Solids”. U.S. potatoes are more desirable in appearance, taste and texture.

U.S. potato growers offer processors high-quality potatoes from a plentiful year-round supply. The U.S. industry standards are demanding and must meet all Food and Drug Administration and USDA specifications. 

Get your U.S Fries from the Grab apps or you can also order to takeaway.

Please stay home, stay safe, stay happy and enjoy U.S. fries in the comfort and safety of your owns.

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