U.S. Fries Fiesta in Klang Valley 15 June – 30 July 2017 [Announcement]

Calling all Fries Lover, time for cheat day!! U.S. Fries Fiesta is here from 15 June – 30 July 2017. Fries indulgement time!!

U.S. Fries Fiesta: Event to be held in 10 Outlets include hotel and will be using US imported Fries to create various delicious dishes.

Name of participating outlets

  1. Novotel Hotel
  2. Sams Intan
  3. Yellow Brick
  4. Movida
  5. Smores
  6. La Bodega
  7. Press Room
  8. Chaiwala Café
  9. Bonne Gilla
  10. Nevermine Pub and Bistro

U.S. has the widest range of fries that is sure to excite the fries fan.

Taste the real U.S. Potatoes in your fries and enjoy your every munch full with the nutrition.

To make this event more delicious, various type of U.S. Fries to be used

  • U.S. Frozen Wedges
  • U.S. Hashbrown
  • U.S. Straight Cut Fries
  • U.S. Crinkle Cut Fries
  • U.S. Curly Fries

Besides rich soil, U.S. potatoes contain high “solids” and low sugar content and give more desirable in appearance, taste, and texture. U.S. Potatoes offer processors high-quality potatoes from a plentiful year-round supply.

U.S. Fries Fiesta in Yellow Brick Outlet

Posh U.S. Fries (above) Truffle infused U.S.Fries served with pecorino cheese sauce. This is amazingly delicious and YES! the fries is so potatoes-licious.
Sloppy U.S. Spuds (below)  A great combination of U.S. wedges served with chili beef con Carne, Jalapeno & lots of cheese.

U.S. Fries Fiesta in Yellow Brick Outlet


Why choosing U.S. Potatoes?



  • Potatoes are an indispensable source of nutrition. One 148 gram potato packs only 110 calories, but 18% of the RDV (recommended daily value) of potassium and 45% of the RDV of vitamin C.
  • U.S. processors use state-of-the-art technology to meet high industry standards. The finished product is instantly quick-frozen to lock in the flavor and nutrients of fresh potatoes.
  • Not all frozen potato products are created equal. Quality starts with premium U.S. grown potatoes, the result of ideal growing temperatures, rich soil, and generations of grower expertise. U.S. potatoes destined for processing must meet stringent standards for high “solids” and low sugar content – just right for creating frozen potato products with a desirable appearance, taste, and texture.
  • U.S. has the widest range of fries that is sure to excite the fries fan.

Looking for U.S. Potatoes, you may look for them at www.potatoesusa.com

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