MARDI Kuala Kangsar

Tour & Eat Durian at Farm by Durio Tourism MARDI Kuala Kangsar

Durio Tourism at Mardi Kuala Kangsar was organized by Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) during Road To Agro Tourism vol. 2 launched on 12 – 14 December 2017. A special program to promote the interest of domestic Agro Tourism with the support from Ministry Tourism & Cultural (MOTAC) and Ministry of Agricultural & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia (MOA).

Road To Agro Tourism

Durio Tourism Farm – Mardi Kuala Kangsar

As you can see from the video above, it indeed a great trip which was well organized by Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC). Video updated on 31/12/17.

Durian Tree Grafting

Mardi Kuala Kangsar

Upon arrival, we were shown on how durian tree was grafted by using the D24 breed.

Mardi Kuala Kangsar

RM50nett tour and eat all you can – Only at Mardi Kuala Kangsar

Mardi Kuala Kangsar is open for the public to indulge the irresistible durian in the month of September until March.

Special truck to bring the groups to tour the 49 acres farm 50% of the farm consists of Durian tree.

There we go touring the farm and our first drop off will be the Queen of Fruit area, Mangosteen

At the Mangosteen area, we get to taste also the special breed of Mangosteens called Mesta. It tastes crunchier compare to the normal mangosteen.

MARDI Kuala Kangsar

At MARDI Kuala Kangsar, there are more than 150 breeds were done. From D2 – D200 and we get to learned that Musang King was actually D197

Beside durian, pomelo is also available at the farm. The size is big and the flesh was juicy.

Whenever there is durian, definitely Rambutan will be the mate.

Road To Agro Tourism

Well, we ended our visit with lots of durians filled in out stomach and yes only RM50nett per person. Eat all you can for all kind of breeds. What best the most, D24 is plenty and also Hybrid breed which only available at MARDI Kuala Kangsar.


Stesen Mardi Kuala Kangsar
Kampung Penaga,
33077 Kuala Kangsar, Perak

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