Torii Malaysia – A MUST Try Japanese Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Torii Malaysia, a Japanese-accented gastro-bar with a twist-blend of Yakitori and Single Malt Whisky.

Torii Malaysia | The Time Out Kuala Lumpur Food Awards 2014

Food was consistently good, from appetizers to desserts and its never disappointed the diner until today. Besides the current menu, more and more new dishes were added to the menu. Having a succulent range of menu to match with Japanese Single Malt Whisky, I could say – This is the perfect place to be.

Delicate presentation, complexity taste of food, wide range of whiskeys selection and definitely a good service!

Greens Selection

Mozzarella Cheese Salad

Torii Malaysia

A very aromatic salad with garlic dressing dressed in varieties of greens. A combination of rocket leaves, apple cubes, mixed salad and extra virgin olive oil.

Caesar Salad

Torii Malaysia

Caesar Salad, everybody’s favorite. Using freshly smoked salmon, baby Romaine lettuce, boiled egg, and crunchy croutons. Dressed up with anchovies dressing.


Broiled Lobster Chowder & Crab Croutons

Torii Malaysia

Deeply rich and flavorful lobster chowder topped with fragrance crab croutons. A fabulous food for guests.

Delicacies Selection

Avocado De La Mer

Torii Malaysia

Pipping hot cheesy baked seafood with lots of mushrooms and piquant miso. Beware as it will be burning hot. Highly recommended for a cheesy baked lover!

Bonded Unagi and Foie Gras

Torii Malaysia

A unique experience of indulgement the grilled river eel and pan-seared goose liver (Foie Gras). In between, there is a sliced of egg and special sauce was used as a dressing. One mouth in is the suggestion to all to experience the buttery sensation burst taste in your mouth

Wagyu Slider

Torii Malaysia

Fresh toasty buns, a tender and juicy patty, and the right combination of ingredients to achieve that fine balance of umami. Not only that It also hits all the right spots with its combo of salty-sweet goodness.


Rack of Lamb

Torii Malaysia

Tenderly roasted rack of lamb using sea salt and black pepper. Moist and succulent till the last bite. Will never goes wrong having this with whiskey or beer.

Rock Lobster

Torii Malaysia

A lusciously juicy rock lobster that topped with garlic chili sauce and scallion.

Rolled Sushi

Charred Maguro Kabuki

Torii Malaysia

Rolled sushi or known as Maki, is also one of the main dishes to have by the Japanese. Charred maguro kabuki, sushi rice rolled with cucumber, diced foie gras, and tobikko. Topped with charred tuna, avocado, and caviar.


Torii Malaysia

Signature rolled sushi with soft shell crab and saffron mayo. Each serving topped with diced cucumber, avocado, and ebikko with a little bath of teriyaki sauce.


Torii Malaysia

A lobster lover can also indulge this delicious lobster maki. Sushi rice rolled with grilled lobster and garlic chili sauce. Topped with wasabi mayo, diced avocado, and ebikko.

Wheat & Grains

Stone Bowl Rice

Torii Malaysia

The most fulfilling dish we love. A piping hot bowl of rice with unagi, scallop, prawns and lots of ebikko. Not to forget the ‘dancing’ onsen tamago to be mixed into the rice to smoothen the texture of every bite.

Mentaiko Pasta

Torii Malaysia

Creamy fish roe twisted with al-dente pasta. A unique twist of Italian pasta with Japanese mentaiko. Taste the popping ebikko in every bite taken.

Sweets Selection

Green Tea Creme Brulee + Whiskey N Raisin Ice Cream

Torii Malaysia

This is the best to end up our dinner at Torii Malaysia. The signature dessert must have. A classic Creme Brulee infused with the green tea flavor side served with Whiskey N Raisin Ice Cream.

For those who are looking for a place to dine authentic Japanese cuisine with varieties choice of Whiskies, Torii Malaysia definitely will be your choice. Feel free to visit to their Facebook Official Page or Website

Torii Japanese Gastro-Bar
No 8 Jalan Batai,
Damansara Heights,
50490, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603 2011 3798

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