Tokyo Secret: New Cheese Crema Drink and Cheesecake Launching [REVIEW]

Tokyo Secret has been doing a lot of special promotion for the whole month of June 2017 in conjunction with their 1st Anniversary. Buy One Free One for Cheese Tart and Hanjuku Cheese Cake and even RM 1 Special Promo.

Tokyo Secret New Menu Launching

Another promotion exclusively is done on 17 June 2017 on their NEW beverages and original cheesecake. There are four categories of beverages in the menu and the price range is RM5.50 – RM11.00 per cup

Cheese Crema

Tokyo Secret

One of the irresistible drink with thick, salty flavor malleable cheese on top and it suits my palate. The saltiness was just nice for my taste bud, compare to what I had before. Cheese Crema serves in four flavors drink – Black Tea. Greem Tea, Osmanthus Oolong, and Japanese Matcha. I had 2 cups for Japanese Matcha and I just love it!!

Cheese Crema Japanese Matcha

Fresh Fruit Tea & Original Tea

Tokyo Secret’s Signature beverage – Fresh Fruit Tea and It’s so refreshing especially the Pineapple Green Tea. It has also another three flavors – Orange Oolong Tea, Lemon Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea

Pineapple Green Tea

Milk Tea

Who doesn’t like milk tea? Cold or Hot, is just a perfect way to mellow and smooth out the tea. 2 favorites flavors – Black Milk Tea and Oolong Milk Tea

New Original Cheese Cake in the house!!!

Finally, the long waited for Original Cheese Cake finally in the menu on 18th June 2017. It has a perfect balance between dense creamy and light, airy. It browned top and a clean, smooth mouthfeel makes the flavor walks that perfect line.
Personally, I love this the most now for its soft creamy cheese.

Tokyo Secret is actually well-known for its Hanjuku Cheese Tarts. The tart filling is made with a blend of three different types of cheese. The Hanjuku Cheese Tart has four delectable flavors – Original, Matcha, Hazelnut and Purple Potato

Tokyo Secret has several locations in Malaysia:

1 Utama | Genting Highlands | Sunway Pyramid | Setapak Central Mall | 101 Jalan Bukit Bintang | The Curve | Queensbay Mall | Gurney Plaza | Dataran Pahlawan

For more information, you may go to Tokyo Secret Malaysia

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