7 Tips On Saving Renovation Cost

Today’s century, there are still many houses available for rent, such as house for rent in Cheras. Renting is usually for either temporarily or short terms as nowadays people are getting smart in handling investment as well. Property investment is the main investment for many youngsters to invest on it, however, renovation cost has always become the main issue.

How to save the renovation cost?

Renovation cost
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The renovation cost never cheap and it is essential to stay practical in getting on design and furniture.

1. Go minimalism

Minimalist design does not mean to have bareness of the home design. Minimalist design creates a sense of simplicity and to reduce clutter in the design. It can be interesting and classy. With the minimalist idea, it could save yourself from overspending on renovation cost.

Japanese interior design is one idea of clean and minimalist design. Though the furniture used are simple but it creates a clean and comfortable space. The design aesthetic still can be achieved and together with the home full of basic furniture as well. Go for a less complicated design and in order to achieve the Japanese style, clean, simple and minimalist design is the key

2. Maximalism might be a good choice too

If budget is not an issue, of course, you may have maximalist design too. Try to mix and match your furniture at home. With the idea of having some chic interiors and this could add some liveness in your house. Definitely, you can consider getting your furniture at the secondhand warehouse or even eBay to look for some affordable yet beautiful furniture for your house.

3. No to carpets

Adding carpet is nice but it can be quite costly especially in terms of cleaning, maintaining, and installation. Get a loose rug! It will also give softness under your feet. Most importantly, it is cheaper than carpets.

4. Cost effective flooring

The largest part of renovation budget for sure the one that plays an important role, flooring. For those looking for low budget, definitely, natural stone, ceramics or designed marble is not encourageable. Instead, vinyl, laminates, and tiles are more cost-efficient. Most importantly, the type of flooring in terms of the material is what sets the costs of flooring so high.

The price for different types of flooring are:
a. Parquet: RM10 to RM30 per square feet
b. Vinyl: RM 4.50 to RM12 per square feet
c. Carpet: RM5 to RM15 per square feet
d. Tiles: RM9 to RM60 per square feet

5. Minimal hacking

Hacking wall to combine two room into one for sure involve demolishments of the wall or other structures. The estimated cost of hacking will be approximate RM20
per square feet. Do consider before you decide. Also try to minimize the rerouting of plumbing, rewiring, and an addition of windows.

6. Paint over wallpaper

Putting up wallpaper definitely will make your house looks elegant but it can be quite costly for the whole house. You may use washable paint as it is easy to maintain or clean it whenever needed for long-lasting. Though it might be slightly more expensive than normal paints and it is definitely cheaper than wallpaper.

In addition, wallpaper comes with a hefty cost of approximately RM60 to RM200not inclusive of installation and adhesive costs. Moreover, they are difficult to maintain as it is easily stained, scratched and torn.

7. Custom carpentry

Carpentry work is one of the factors to consider in the renovation. The average cost of carpentry will depend on the type of material used for the kitchen countertops to study tables to wardrobes and so on. TV console, study table, shoe cabinet, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and kitchen countertop. All these will sum up to a huge amount.

Always go for a simple design and use cheaper material if you are looking into a cheaper option. This could save a lot in workmanship fees too.

In Conclusion

Engage with interior design to get the minimalist advise from them as renovation costs never cheap if to follow the above-said point. You can also always visit Pinterest for some DIY ideas.

Do your research beforehand and only do renovations that you think is essential. Plan your budget wisely as you do not want to go overboard with what you can afford.

Hope this 7 Tips On Saving Renovation Cost helps you in saving cost!!!

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