THYMOS: Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray™

Sinusitis has been my struggle almost every single day especially morning or housekeeping moment. This problem has been with me more than 10 years. However, today I have found my solution with THYMOS

THYMOS: 1 Spray with 12 Hours protection. NO ALCOHOL

The Anti-Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray™ is a revolutionary solution that effectively reduces pathogenically induced allergies


Improve immunity to keep away Sinus, Nasal Allergies, and Irritated Nose.

With clinically proven alcohol and fragrance-free, the patented “Self-Sanitizing” Technology protects by generating bacteriostatic electrons to form an AirShield against allergy all day long.


As a food blogger, what I am afraid the most is when sinus attacks and it affects my appetite during food tasting/review. As for now, I have no more worry about my sinus anymore after since I started using THYMOS.

This is a very easy to use. All I have to do is just spray like a perfume on my shirt to boost my antibodies. Every evening I will just spray on my pillow and bedsheet and guess what! No more sneezing on the 2nd day and I just got my GREAT day!!

Little Guideline for everyone

REMEMBER: Spray daily to experience less nasal irritations & wake up in a perfect mood.

THYMOS is only exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia. Original Price RM75.00, now only RM69.90

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