The Queen

The Queen @ Shanghai Night Halal Dim Sum & Chinese Cuisine | IPC Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya

Jom makan Dim Sum at The Queen @ Shanghai Night Restaurant in IPC Shopping Centre. It is a [ Halal Certified ] restaurant that serves a wide variety of Chinese Dim Sum and Chinese cuisines.

The Queen Shanghai Night

The Queen Shanghai Night is located on LG1.19, IPC Shopping Centre. A great place to makan-makan with our friends, colleagues, and family.

They serve freshly handmade Dim Sum and authentic Chinese fusion cuisine at the heart of Mutiara Damansara, PJ.

The Queen ‘s Newly Launched Menu

Recently, they also launched some new Chinese dishes on the menu. It is just in time for Ramadan gathering with friends and family.

Steamed prawns wrapped with vermicelli in chili and garlic sauce.
One prawn sure is not enough for me. Love the sauce combination a lot.

Braised chicken with dong gui, red dates, and ear fungus in claypot.
This is good to have with a bowl of fried white rice.

House special soy sauce chicken wings.

Deep-fried chicken wings in red bean curd sauce.
It has an aromatic flavor from the red bean curd that is infused during the marination.

Steamed eggplant in peanut sauce.
Something unique to try on and believe some of you will like it.

Diced Chicken & Asparagus in XO Sauce.
This is equally good too. Flavorful and best eaten with a bowl of fragrance rice.

Herbal roasted duck soup.
If you love duck and soup, this is recommended to you. I personally love the taste as it is not too overpowering for me.

So, do bookmark this place and bring your friends and family to The Queens @ Shanghai Night for makan-makan gathering.

📍L1.19, IPC Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
📱 +60 17-727 2700


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