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Earl Grey Butterfish Bowl | Newly Launched by The Fish Bowl

Have you try the newly launched Earl Grey Butterfish from The Fish Bowl? Yeah… Something is new in the menu now.

The Fish Bowl New Poke Bowl with Earl Grey Butterfish

Fish Bowl

If you love Earl Grey, you will definitely love the twist. But if you are not an Earl Grey person, well then you should give it a try too!

Today we had our scrumptious poke bowl

The Fish Bowl is the first premium poke restaurant in Malaysia and I love the concept of enjoying my favorite fresh fish with colorful sides in a bowl. Not only colorful sides but also a nutritious poke bowl.

Definitely the healthy protein with their freshest raw fish. Not only that, you can also choose to customize your own poke bowl with your favorite sides or just order the signature bowls.

Our scrumptious heartiest bowl of proteins:-

Salmon Bowl

Fish Bowl

Tuna Bowl

Fish Bowl

Chicken Bowl

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The NEWLY LAUNCHED Earl Grey Butterfish Bowl

FIsh Bowl

If you are a person who is looking for a healthier range of meals with good protein, I would suggest The Fish Bowl. Besides offering the freshest fish and delicious protein dish, I could say they are my preferable one when I’m into ‘Eating Clean’ week.

DM now to get your poke bowl

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