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Food Indulgence Experience at the Curve ‘s Biggest Food Fiesta Ever!

Last weekend was a great weekend ever after the long lockdown at home. We went for a food hunt at the Curve. They were having the biggest food fiesta ever there.

Food Fiesta with HEYHO! at the Curve

the curve food fiesta

At the center court, there are 20 vendors brought in by HEYHO! by Jovian Mandagie. At there they were offering a variety of homemade local, Asian and Western cuisine.

During the event, there’s also a guest appearance by our Beloved singer Dato’ Seri Siti Nurhaliza, who performed some of her hit songs.

the curve food fiesta

There’s also a home cook demonstration by a notable fashion designer, Dato’ Jovian Mandagie – HEYHO Sdn Bhd’s Founder and CEO.

We even manage to watch a cooking demonstration by the awesome Adabi Squad and also Adabi’s very own influencer Yatie Kitchen.

Food Trucks

the curve

There was more food over at the Piazza whereby there were rows of food trucks parked there. More food trucks… More temptations!!

The arrangement was the collaboration between the Curve with Kuala Lumpur Food Truck Entrepreneurs Association.

the curve food fiesta

With its festive atmosphere, brilliantly colored booths, and cozy beanbags for seating, the Centre Court will be a feast for all the senses. The public can rest assured that the Mall Management ensured that SOPs adhere.

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