The Art of Position Book by Datuk Stella Chin Launched 9 Nov 2019

Change your life by changing your position – from the book “The Art of Position” has launched!

the art of POSITION

The launch took place at Popular Flagship Store, IPC on 9th November 2019. It was an honor to meet Datuk Stella in person during the launching.

This book is a must-read for junior, mid-level administrative and managerial staff.

Datuk Stella Chin shares her knowledge in how to give great improvement in a organizational operations.

Besides her knowledge, this book is the essence of Datuk Stella Chin’s unique insight into leadership, communication, ideas, innovations, views, and organizational skills.

Sharing her Practical Experience

It was a great honor to attend the book launched and listened to her life experience sharing.

the are of position

What most triggered us was -“What is your position will be like after 10 or 15 years?” said Datuk Stella Chin during her sharing about Stella’s Clockwise

Most of her sharings are based on practical instead of only theory only which is very useful and to apply to our work. 

Hurry and Grab the art of POSITION book now at the nearest Popular bookstore now.

About Datuk Stella Chin

Datuk Stella Chin 

Founder of Stellavingze International, Datuk Stella Chin has over 25 years of international marketing and business management experience and is proficient in personnel, resources and operational management.

Over the years, she stormed through the brutal business battlefield and emerged a stronger, more resilient and compassionate person who is passionate about helping needy families while maintaining a successful, balanced life. ­­

  • Leader of an internationally renowned corporation, Outstanding Female Leader.
  • Chairman of Global Peace Women
  • Chairman of Foundation for Women of Excellence (Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang)
  • Advisor of Modern Women’s Foundation
  • Winner of Stevie Awards for Women in Business
  • Winner of European Award for Best Practices from the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR)
  • Winner of “Best Enterprise Corporate Social Responsibility Award” in Charity Festival of Chinese
  • Winner of Best Brand in Social Enterprise from The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Award
  • Winner of World Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Female Entrepreneur Award
  • Author of bestseller The Happiness That I Know
  • Exclusive interview with Sky Link TV
  • Special guest on Moneywise by Phoenix Television
  • Guest mentor on Stella Star Happiness by TVBS
  • Initiator for Transforming Lives

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