Tealive Introduced New DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit! Now Make Your Bubble Tea in Your Way

Calling for bubble milk tea lovers especially Tealive lovers! I know that we all love our bubble milk tea and are always excited to have them by online food delivery since we admist the MCO! So in this post, I am going to talk about a new DIY (Do It Yourself) Bubble Milk Tea Kit from Tealive.

Tealive 1st DIY Bubble Milk Tea

Tealive release their first-ever DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit. Wow! Looks like we can make it in our way. Since, we amidst the Movement Control Order, can I just be honest and say that sometimes it gets a tad boring?

Which is probably why everyone is spending their time with online food delivery and in the kitchen with easy recipes . Malaysian who were bored at home tried their hand at making the Dalgona Coffee and shared clips of it online. Now that we’re in the third week of the MCO, comes a new activity idea for you to kill time.

Make Your Own Bubble Milk Tea From Your Kitchen

The cool thing about this bubble milk tea kit is that you’re provided with enough ingredients to make 20 cups which is more than enough to last you through the MCO period. This means you don’t have to worry about running low on stoc, having to re-order and going through the pain of waiting for your online food delivery to arrive.

With just one set of the Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit, we will have the options of making 20 cups of boba tea! This range from the Bang Bang Brown Sugar Coffee Espresso to Bang Bang Brown Sugar Matcha Latte. We wouldn’t have to worry as each kit also comes with the recipe to make drinks! Now, isn’t that amazing? The delivery of the kit will take 7 days to arrived.

Every boba kit comes with :

  • 1kg of Pearls
  • 500g of Brown Sugar
  • 75g of Imported Nishio Matcha or 250g Cocoa Powder
  • 75g of Imported Hojicha or 250g Cocoa Powder
  • 3 packets of Milklab UHT Dairy Milk (1L)
  • 20pcs of Paper Straws
  • Recipes

The kit comes in 4 flavour combos for you to choose from:

  1. Nishio Matcha (75g) + Hojicha (75g)
  2. Nishio Matcha (75g) + Cocoa Powder (250g)
  3. Hojicha (75g) + Cocoa Powder (250g)
  4. Two packs of cocoa powder (250g)

Each kit costs RM150 and has enough ingredients to make about 20 cups of bubble tea that averages to around RM6-7 per cup. If you’re a noob to making a bubble teas (like me), the kit also includes five recipes that will make you a bubble tea master.

5 Recipes For Bubble Tea Lover!

The recipe book will teach you how to make five of their signature drinks:

  1. Bang Bang Brown Sugar Fresh Milk
  2. Bang Bang Brown Sugar Matcha Latte
  3. Bang Bang Brown Sugar Hojicha Latte
  4. Bang Bang Brown Sugar BOH/Lipton Black Tea
  5. Bang Bang Brown Sugar Coffee Espresso

Did you interesting with New DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit? I feel like I want to purchase this kit as soon as possible. There’s something for every bubble tea lover! It’s easy to do. The DIY Bubble Milk Tea is available on Tealive’s website, Lazada and Shopee. Delivery takes about 48 hours in the Klang Valley area while the rest of Peninsular Malaysia only could take up to 7 days.

Lastly, I would like to thank all those who are working hard and tirelessly to delivery our online food to us. Your hard work is commendable and thank you so much. While for those who are stuck in home, while online food delivery is a good option another one is to try and do it yourself (DIY). Why not, if you guys try and DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit in your own way!

Good luck!

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