Tang Yuan | 汤圆 @ Dongzhi Festival [The meaning of eating tang yuan]

Tang Yuan | 汤圆 @ Dongzhi Festival [The meaning of eating tang yuan]

Traditionally, the Dongzhi festival is also a time for the family to get together. One activity that occurs during these get-togethers is the making and eating of tang yuan which symbolize sweet reunion.

For many Chinese, tang yuan usually eaten together with family. The round shape of the balls and the bowls where they were served, come to symbolize the family togetherness and everything will smoothly in the coming new year.

Tang Yuan are made of glutinous rice flour and sometimes brightly coloured. Each family member received at least one large tang yuan in addition to several small ones.

The flour balls may be plain or stuffed. They are cooked in a sweet soup or savory broth with both the ball and the soup/broth served in a bowl

The festive food is also a reminder that celebrators are now a year older and should behave better in the coming year. Even today, many Chinese around the world, especially the elderly, still insist that one is “a year older” rught after the Dongzhi celebration instead for the lunar new year

In Taiwan, this festive food also use as an offering dish to worship the ancestors.