Taiwan Little Chef

Taiwan Little Chef at Awana SkyCentral | Resorts World Genting

Taiwan Little Chef was one of the hawker food stall located at First World Hotel 13 years ago. With the new look of the brand, Taiwan Little Chef is now relocated to Awana SkyCentral. Awana SkyCentral is the perfect place to make a quick pit-stop to eat, shop, and chill

Strictly non-Halal restaurant

Taiwan Little Chef – Signature Dish

Taiwanese cuisine has several variations. Despite beef being the least common meat due to religion, beef noodle soup is actually the signature dish of Taiwan. Besides beef noodles, Taiwan is also well-known for the braised pork rice and also local snacks such as sweet potato (tempura), egg roll and much more.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Taiwan Little Kitchen

A bowl of hot noodle soup topped with tender braised beef is an absolutely satisfying comfort dish. The noodle was so chewy and the broth so flavorful and I could just finish up all until the last drop of broth.

Fried Quarter Leg Rice

Taiwan Little Chef

Crispy at the skin, juicy at the meat.  Fried quarter leg rice has become my most favorite dish. Served together with rice topped with fragrance minced pork and side served with whole egg and vegetables. I could say this is one complete meal for me.

Stewed Pork Belly Rice

Taiwan Little Kitchen

Stewed Pork Belly Rice one of the most popular comfort foods in Taiwan. Melt in the mouth pork stewed in a gorgeous way.

Basil Chicken Rice (Three Cup Chicken)

Taiwan Little Kitchen

If you love Basil leave, then this will be your favorite type of food. The name “three cup chicken” (三杯鸡) comes from the three key ingredients: sesame oil, Chinese rice wine, and soy sauce. Cup is the measurement.

It’s savory, yet sweet at the same time!

Bean Paste Spare Ribs Rice

Taiwan Little Kitchen

Using the savory and slightly sweet and spicy black Bean Sauce. The spare ribs have been marinated for flavors and cooked until the meat is tender.

Taiwanese Omurice

Taiwan Little Kitchen

Fried rice wrapped in the egg omelet. It’s a fusion dish that combines Asian fried rice with the Western omelet.  Topped with Minced pork and side served with vegetables and crackers.

Salted Fried Chicken

Taiwan Little Kitchen

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken is a delicious and rich tasting fried chicken. This will never get enough with only one plate of it!

Spicy Salted Squid

Taiwan Little Kitchen

Besides salted egg yolk chicken, salted egg yolk squid is one of everybody’s favorite too!

Sweet Potato with Plum Powder

Taiwan Little Kitchen

Fried sweet potato strips are a favorite night market snack. Plum powder sweet potato fries is one of the famous snacks at Shihlin Street Market, Taiwan. The sweet and sour taste of charming loved by many people.

Pork Floss Taiwanese Egg Roll

Taiwan Little Kitchen

Pork Floss Taiwanese Egg Roll is one of Taiwanese breakfast that you must eat and now you can have it anytime you want at Taiwan Little Chef.

Well, if you are here at Awana SkyCentral or heading to Genting Highlands Premium Outlet, you may want to grab your meal at Taiwan Little Chef.

Taiwan Little Chef
No. 2-11, Level 2
Awana SkyCentral
69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

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