TAC Yakitori: New Place | Good Food | Good Price at Bukit Jalil [REVIEW]

Another new place to hang out with friends and family with good food and reasonable price. Serving Fusion foods (East Meet West) and variable drinks from non-alcohol to alcohol. None others than TAC Yakitori – A hidden gem located under Twin Arkz Condo, Bukit Jalil (Next to The Calvary Convention Centre).

TAC Yakitori

TAC YAKITORI: Cozy, Casual and Comfort Dining Environment

TAC Yakitori one of the place you should visit. A simple cozy place for lunch and dinner. TAC Yakitori specializes on yakitori but their menu has a great variety of Japanese Delights from sashimi, sushi, and bento. Besides Japanese food, you may also enjoy their Hong Kong style dessert, coffee, and Western style finger food. You may also consider enjoying “Happy Hour” with their great beer promotion. Get to enjoy their 2piece live band every Friday and Saturday.

Dining Area
High Table Dining
Smoking Dining Area / Private Gathering Area
VIP Room for 10 people


Sashimi is one of the Japanese delicacy consisting of sliced fresh raw fishes or other seafood.

Salmon Sashimi
Salmon Belly Sashimi

As you can see, each piece was served in thick slice and every bite of it tasted so sweet and fresh. Who would say no to this fresh sashimi?

Sashimi Salad with Homemade Tartar Sauce & Goma


Enjoy the delicious rolls from Kappa Maki, Kani Maki, Dakuan Maki, Mix Maki and much more. Everyday new item was added to have more selection for their diners.

Salmon Maki
Unagi Stamina Maki
California Maki

Love their Salmon Maki so much, not a small size as usual as eaten elsewhere and the rice was soft and moist.


Newly launched menu, cold noodle besides having hot noodle – Shoyu / Shio Ramen or Udon

Zaru Udon | Zaru Soba | Cha Soba (Greentea Soba)

For cold noodle lovers, you should try out their authentic way of serving this delicious soba. Simply delicious.


Serving on small-wok filled with mushroom, enoki, tofu, and vegetable simmered under slow fire – alongside with thinly sliced beef.

Beef Sliced

Sweet-savory taste of beef sukiyaki that warms your stomach. Chicken Sukiyaki is available too and definitely, will come back for this again. This sukiyaki can be ordered either by ala-carte or set that comes with rice.


Agedashi tofu, silky firm tofu cut into cubes and dusted with flour for frying. This is the Japanese way serving hot tofu. It seems to be a compulsory dish in Japanese menu.

Agedashi Tofu


Enjoy their variety selection of Yakimono – Unagi, Saba Shio, Yakitori, Shishamo, Ebi Mentaiko and much more. Some new creations were added as well into the menu.

Salmon Shio

Grilled perfectly with some salt sprinkled on top and a squeeze of lemon, it just tasted marvelous

Salmon Belly Mentaiko

Grilled Salmon Belly with a little burnt at the top with special sauce

Sake Kama Shio

One of my favorite dish. It was so fresh. Crispy at the skin, juicy in the meat

Love the way they grilled it – Not too much salt and with the squeeze of lemon slice, the dishes were simply delicious.


What can be better for having a warm fragrance rice (DON)  topping with your choice of Unagi, Chicken Teriyaki, Yakiniku, Katsu, or Tempura? Or perhaps to have more than one main dish with salad as side serving – Bento?

Unagi Don

Everybody’s favorite!

Chicken Teriyaki Don

The combination of mirin, sake and soy sauce that makes the teriyaki so tasty.

Yakiniku Don

A simple delicious Japanese dish of grilled beef and vegetables served over a bed of rice

Katsu Don

Deep fried chicken cutlet

Tempura Don

Shrimp and vegetable tempura laid over freshly steam rice

Tempura & Salmon Shio Bento

This is not only bento they have. More and more in their outlet.


Mini Chicken Egg – A well-known street-snacks from Hong Kong is available at TAC with few types of selection. One of my favorite selection was the Mango Egglet!!!

Sweet Romance (Hazelnut Flavor)
Melaka Sweet Tooth (Gula Melaka)
Dreams Come True (Mango)

Warm crispy egg.let comes with ice cream of your choices. This has been my top favorite snack in TAC Yakitori and definitely will come back for more.


Savor yourself with TAC Yakitori’s signature drinks, hot or cold, you named it – Hazelnut Soya, Hazelnut Coffee, Coconut Soya, Coconut Coffee, Soya Coffee

Hazelnut Soya, Hazelnut Coffee, Coconut Soya
Coconut Coffee, Soya Coffee

I believe many of us still haven’t tried such a unique combination of drink whereby soya used was specially imported.


Overall, this has become one of my favorite spots. It’s so convenient to park our car at visitors car park under one roof. Besides having good food in such cozy environment, TAC Yakitori is also serving Japanese Wine, Sake and also Red Wine. This is really a good place to have a quiet talk with your intimate partner or a fun private gathering with friends and family.

If you are looking for a cozy, casual and comfortable dining place, TAC Yakitori definitely could be your choice.

For further information, you may visit TAC Facebook

Twin Arkz
Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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