SUSHI TEI NEW MENU: Poke Bowl & Vegetarian | Fresh and Healthy

Sushi Tei is launching their new menu at all Sushi Tei restaurants in the Klang Valley, Penang, and Ipoh. Two (02) types of the fresh and healthy menu were added and those wanting healthier meal should check out on their new menu.

FRESH & HEALTHY by Sushi Tei

It seems like nowadays people are really looking into healthier food and most of the trend right now is talking about poke bowl. Nevertheless, Sushi Tei launched their very own Poke Bowl as well. A bowl full of fresh and healthy goodness ingredients and Japanese Akita brown rice were served in the poke bowl which less than 500kcal per serving.

Maguro Poke Bowl (RM23.80)

sushi tei poke bowl

Fresh chunky tuna served together with crab stick, mixed vegetables, and Akita Brown Rice. Complemented also with gluten-free and nutrient-rich almonds and chia & melon seeds.

Salmon Poke Bowl (RM21.80)

sushi tei poke bowl

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, the thick cubes of salmon served together with mixed vegetables, nutritious black beans, and Akita brown rice. Topped with also chia & melon seeds and almonds.

Ebi Poke Bowl (RM27.80)

sushi tei poke bowl

Serving fresh tiger prawn which comes with chia & Vitamin E packed sunflower seeds and almonds. Served together with a shredded omelet, mixed vegetables, and Akita brown rice.

Chicken Teri Poke Bowl (RM18.80)

Sushi Tei Poke Bowl

Unlike those usual poke bowl that served fresh raw fish, Sushi Tei offers meat lovers with Chicken Teri Poke Bowl. A bowl comes with grilled chicken served with Akita brown rice. Complemented with a power-packed chia & sunflower seeds, almond, and mixed vegetables.

The poke bowls come with a choice of three sauces:-

  1. The Japanese styles wafuu onion sauce
  2. Wasabina sauce
  3. Applesauce

Each crafted to complement the freshness of the ingredients and gives the poke bowls an appetizing twist.

Fresh & Healthy Vegetarian Items

Sushi Tei Vegetarian

Another healthy addition added into the Sushi Tei’s menu.

Avocado Yasai Roll (RM13.80)

Sushi Tei Vegetarian

A plate of six (06) avocado yasai rolls freshly made upon order. Fresh and delicious avocado served.

Inari Yasai Roll (RM13.80)

Sushi Tei Vegetarian

Sweet bean curd skin to wrap on the rolls. Appetizing and delicious.

Namako Yasai (RM21.80)

Sushi Tei Vegetarian

A very comforting food, Namako Yasai noodle dish. Using Kitano miso-based as the soup served with a choice of udon, soba, and ramen. Topped with vegetarian sea cucumber, button mushrooms, pumpkin and Japanese sweet potato. – Main dish

Kinoko Chahan (RM16.80)

Sushi Tei Vegetarian

Aromatic mixed mushroom fried rice. – Main dish

Satsuma Imo To Kabocha Salad (RM7.80)

Sushi Tei Vegetarian

Creamy and tasty Japanese sweet potato with pumpkin salad.

Okura Natto To Yamaimo Senggiri (RM6.80)

Sushi Tei Vegetarian

A delectable dish of Japanese yam with ladyfinger slices, seaweed, soybean to be mixed in with half boil quail egg.

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