Sun Yoon Kee

Sun Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant Since 1965 | George Town, Penang

Let’s recall some beautiful memories we had 2 years back when we had our great lunch at Sun Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant. We were so happy to found this Sun Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant at Cintra Street, Penang and it has been operating since the year 1965. We wish to share it again to all our readers

Sun Yoon Kee
The memories captured 2 years back with the owner of Sun Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant

What is delicious at Sun Yoon Kee?

Talking about what is delicious, definitely many said almost everything but we can’t try it all. So, we will share with you what we had ordered and of course, is highly recommended to you as well.

Phoenix Prawn Golden Egg

Sun Yoon Kee

Instead of one prawn, at Sun Yoon Kee two prawns were used to wrap the golden egg yolk and were fried till the golden appearance. Then, slicing open the prawns to reveal the golden yolk. The scent of golden yolk plus crunchiness of the prawn is insanely delicious.

Braised Pork Trotter

Sun Yoon Kee

Braised pork trotter is a very popular dish in Chinese cuisine. This succulent dish could just make us grab the second bowl of rice. The meat was so tender and the flavor is truly absorbed into it.

Boneless Pork Ribs

Sun Yoon Kee

These tender piece of meat was so moist, tasty and it was meaty too. These amazing ribs are equally delicious finished once it was served.

Deep Fried Fish Belly with Fried Ginger

Sun Yoon Kee

Well marinated fish belly and deep-fried until fragrant and garnish with crispy fried ginger. Simply delicious!

Braised Vegetables in Wok

Sun Yoon Kee

Chinese style vegetables cooked with 3 or 4 types of vegetables and they are all very tasty yet with different flavor characteristics.

Stir-Fried Beans Sprout with Sambal

Sun Yoon Kee

A fragrant and garlicky stir fry beans sprout with spicy sambal. The spiciness from the sambal really gave a “kick” to the dish.

Homemade Golden Money Tofu (Braised with eggs sauce)

Sun Yoon Kee

Braised Tofu is an authentic Chinese restaurant dish and in Sun Yoon Kee, their tofu was homemade by them called Golden Money Tofu. It was simply delicious in a creamy egg sauce.

Sun Yoon Kee

Always make your early reservation to avoid disappointment at 04-261 3987. For more information about Sun Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant, you may visit their Facebook Official Business Page

Operation hour:
Monday – Friday: 11.30am – 3.00pm & 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday: Close

Sun Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant
35, Lebuh Cintra,
George Town, 10100 George Town,
Pulau Pinang

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