Suang Le Riverside Seafood Restaurant @ Bagan Pasir, Tg. Karang

Shuang Le Le Riverside Seafood Restaurant (爽乐乐河边海鲜饭店)- serving fresh & affordable seafood (HUGE PORTION)

Yes! Finally I found a place for my Seafood craving fix. I have been missing seafood in Penang with the riverside view / sea view and now I am here… Aawwhhh… I like the feeling so much!

Manage to catch up the sunset while enjoying my foods. Check out the place and foods with the photo we snapped for you.

The signage before turning in
The Floating house

This place was strongly recommended to me and insist me to try it as definitely I will miss my hometown very much~
So, I am here now and this place really missed home….(though I never live in Fish Village but this is the place where family & friends always have their reunion dinner)

The Cooking Hub
The Neighborhood
The Plate Washer
The Restaurant View
The Bridge

While enjoying the view, our foods were served and the portion for small size don’t seems small at all and can be consume by 4 persons instead of 2 persons. I remember we ordered all “Small” portion leh~~~~~ is so HHHUUUUGGGGEEEE and worth for what we pay.

However we manage to order 4 kind of dishes for our little tummy…

Tea in the Pot
Stir Fried Fish Fillet (Red Snapper) | RM24.00
Stir Fried Fish Fillet (Red Snapper) | RM24.00
Seafood Clamp Soup (La La) | RM12.00
Stir Fried ‘You Mak’ | RM6.00
Kam Heong Crab | RM58 (1kg minimum order)

Not only that, 1 big rice only RM 1.00 per plate. The price really could make the “City” friends jaw-dropped

So so so so, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to on your waze and drive all the way here. ppsstt… There were so many KL people came over here to grab their foods. So you better Hurry!!

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Address and Contact Number :

Suang Le River Restaurant
Bagan Pasir, 45500
Tanjong Karang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel No : +6019-690 6788 or +6019-233 5296

Open for lunch and dinner