NEW AND SWEET in Starbucks Malaysia | Drink & Work in Starbucks Reserve in The Gardens Mall, KL

Starbucks New Mouthwatering Sweet and Salty Pop’zel Coffee Frappucino & Refreshing Coconut Strawberry Bliss Frappuccino

WHAT IS YOUR FLAVOR? | New drinks in Starbucks Malaysia

As early as 9 am, I am here (Starbucks Reserve, The Garden Malls) to do my work as usual and there are some new and sweet in the menu

I ordered the Pop’zel Coffee and I got the Coconut Strawberry Bliss for tasting.



Wow!! Starbucks Reserve in The Gardens Mall, KL never fail to surprised me and It has been a year I make them my favorite spot to do my blogging.


Is not because of the place… Is because of the people here!!! So Amazing, Friendly and their Smile never been taken away from their face!!

Guess What!! The new drink is just so yummy and with their laughter in my ears, today gonna be a good day!!!

The deserved my two thumbs up!!

Enjoy my drink

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