SkySymphony: Latest attraction Winch Show (Kinetic Balls Show) at SkyAvenue

SkyAvenue is not only a place to dine and shop but also a place to kill your boredom by watching a beautiful Winch Show: SkySymphony.

SkySymphony: The Biggest in Malaysia

A three-story high LED walls made up of small LED modules to form wraparound screens. Each beautiful patterns were changed accordingly to the personalized sound control technology


The whole SkySymphony shows literally, with 1001 winch balls suspended four-story height.

The sound, display, and balls work together to weave 4-minute stories. The Story such as ‘Forest’ a bioluminescent abstract tale of the Flora and Fauna. It form the natural habitat of Malaysia that is the pride of the country. In ‘Urban Symphony’, a love story between Boy and Girl delightfully unfolds and ends with them dancing in the city streets that will make your feet tap along to the tune. ‘The Goddess’ is a grand, live-action piece set in space that brings you from the birth of a divine woman from a lotus flower and her travels through forest and ice. – Quote from RWG

Every day starting 01.09.2017
10am – 6pm (Every two hours)
6pm – Midnight (Every hour)

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