Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

Seaweed Salad Popiah (Sushi Roll) without Rice | Seaweed Club [REVIEW]

Everybody love sushi but where can we get sushi without carbohydrate (Rice)? Nowadays people love to grab fast, fresh and healthy meals during lunch or dinner. Today, I would like to recommend you – Seaweed Club, one and only outlet offering delicious healthy sushi salad roll without rice.

Seaweed Club – Eat Healthily, Eat Happily

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

Now we can eat healthily and fresh sushi roll without rice at Seaweed Club and they are also offering varieties of seaweed rolls. Besides delicious seaweed rolls, they are also selling delicious porridge and noodles.

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

Thanks to Kiple for arranging such a pleasant dinner for us. Now everybody can enjoy this delicious healthy meal using Kiple apps – Cardless Outlet (e-Wallet) apps.

Seaweed Salad Popiah

Freshly made upon ordering, these seaweed salad rolls were filled with a generous portion with sweet turnips (sengkuang), carrots and cucumbers with mayonnaise sauce then wrapped with Popiah Skin and Seaweed. Every bite of it was so crunchy and juicy. So much indulging!

Original flavor – Seaweed Salad Popiah

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

Sweet and juicy seaweed salad roll without mayonnaise. This is highly recommended those who are looking forward to eating clean.

Seaweed Salad Popiah with Egg

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

One of the hottest selling in the menu. Love the finishing taste from the egg.

Seaweed Salad Popiah with Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard combines the sweetness of honey with the tangy taste of the finest-grade mustard seeds and mixes with the filling together.

Seaweed Salad Popiah with Wasabi Mayo

The wasabi mayo makes this little seaweed roll the perfect finger food.

Seaweed Salad Popiah with Tuna

Yummylicious juicy seaweed roll with tuna.

Seaweed Salad Popiah with Crabstick

Everybody loves crab stick and this is one perfect combination suitable for all adults and children.

Seaweed Club Main Dish

Besides seaweed salad popiah, Seaweed Club also selling their signature porridge and noodles.

Seaweed Chicken Porridge

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

A Milky texture of the porridge that truly warms your stomach. Topped with seaweed, shredded chicken, and spring onion.

Chicken Pumpkin Porridge

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

Something different to has tonight, Chicken pumpkin porridge. The chicken meat and seaweed definitely enhanced the sweetness of the porridge but the pumpkin really boosted up the flavor. It was so indulging.

Seaweed Rice

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

There are two types of Seaweed Rice you may order – Tuna or Chicken

Spicy Noodle Seaweed Soup

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

Love this mild taste of spiciness noodle that will not make me sleepy after having it during my lunch. Soft texture noodle (mee suah) with the seaweed and chicken.

Well, now everybody’s lunch can eat healthily with Seaweed Club specialty. The Seaweed Salad Popiah also suitable all gym’s friends who want to avoid taking calories.

Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll Seaweed Club Seaweed Sushi Roll

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