FRESH SEAFOOD STEAMBOAT LOVER: The Seafood Sauna Layer Pot | Steamboat Galore at Resorts World Genting [REVIEW]

An Unforgettable Meal Fosters Togetherness – The Seafood Sauna Layer Pot: Steamboat Galore at Resorts World Genting

The 1st and only Seafood Sauna Layer Pot at Resorts World Genting

Steamboat meal at Resorts world Genting is transformed into an extravagant, luxurious dining experience, tailored to bring contentment and foster togetherness.
The steamboat meal has now been elevated into a showcase of the freshest and most luxurious meal items at Resort Seafood Steamboat.

The restaurant offers three different steamboat packages to allow diners to make their selection from an array of raw and marinated ingredients, which can then be cooked at their tables.

Larger groups, or those seeking a more private meal, can opt for a private room.

Resort Seafood Steamboat now offers four private rooms.

The first two private rooms accommodate two dining tables, making them ideal for larger groups or families of up to 20 persons.
The highlight here is the Seafood Sauna Layer Pot set which comes pre-assembled, with the food items arranged tiers and supposedly to be eaten layer by layer.

What’s inside the pot?

The Seafood Sauna Layer Pot set has been designed for groups of eight to ten people, and features mud crab, squid, salmon fish head, grouper slices, Script venus clams, scallops in half shell, sea cucumber, grass prawn, green mussels, Chinese cabbage, enokitake mushroom, shiitake mushroom, sweet corn, and King’s noodles.

Live Crab in the Pot
Salmon Fish Head in the Soup
Ginger Egg Fried Rice – Must be taken with the soup after finishing the layer 1 and 2. Superb aromatic eating this way

For those who prefer to choose their soup and eat at their leisure, the third and the forth room offer individual steamboat pot. These rooms can seat 20 and 15 guests respectively.

Individual Steamboat Pot

What else is served?

There are two set menus for the Steamboat ranging from RM1,100 to RM1,650. The menu consists of chicken soup, grouper slices, lamb, beef striploin, grass prawns, crispy smoked duck, chicken drumstick, sea cucumber, scallops in half shell, green mussels, shiitake mushroom, winter melon, Chinese cabbage, glass noodles and yam for Menu One. Whilst Menu Two, features Boston lobster as an additional menu item, alongside the offerings from the original set. These two sets are meant for eight to ten people

For those seeking a more bespoke meal, and opting for something other than steamboat, a Chinese Set menu for eight to ten people is also available that offers seafood porridge, steamed patin, poached prawns in Chinese wine, steamed chicken with Chinese herbs, chilli crab with mantou rolls, cheng miew with mushrooms, Boston lobster sang mee, and a mixed fruit platter.

There is also set menu eight to ten diners that offer Boston lobster with superior soup, and for sea cucumber grouper steamed Hong Kong style, smoked duck, stewed abalone with mushrooms, grass prawn soup with Chinese cabbage, steamed scallops with garlic, seafood fried rice and a mixed fruit platter These two Chinese set menus require advance order of 3 days.

** All steamboat prices and item are subject to change without prior notice

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

My Review

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to PR Team of Resort World Genting for inviting to review their newly launched Sauna Seafood Layer Pot. I Could say that who would think there is a Fresh Seafood Steamboat in here. Again I said is FRESH. Is not easy to man the aquarium in order to maintain the freshness of the seafood when we eat it.

Talking about the layer pot, I never know I have to eat it layer by layer and the reason is because when the foods were steam, the juices from the food were actually dripped into the soup whereby it could create the sweetness that will mingle in your mouth.

All in and grab it -SATISFACTION

Is not about tasteless that’s why we need sauces, to make our food even yummy definitely we need to match up with our favourite sauces

Prawn Sauce, Always my 1st choice in any dishes
Special mixed up by the staff – 12 sauces

So, this was the food on my plate and I had this with my favourite sauce. It really tastes so sweet and fresh especially the Grass Prawn and Live Crab. Let me tell you this, the moment you put the squid into your mouth definitely you will want to grab more before you got to swallow. About the Scallop, I just never got enough. Hoping the whole pot could just fill with scallops.

Remember, only RESORT SEAFOOD STEAMBOAT Serving you Fresh Seafood Steamboat at Resort World Genting

Again I would like to say thank you to Resort World Genting for the invitation and it was a great experienced to dine-in here during the review

Resort World Genting
Genting Highlands,
69000 Genting Highlands,
Pahang, Malaysia

Genting Highlands is a high-altitude hill resort in Malaysia, located in the Titiwangsa Mountains northeast of Kuala Lumpur. Developed since the 1960s, the site comprises hotels, a shopping mall, restaurants and the Casino de Genting. Its Chin Swee Caves Temple sits on forested acreage with mountain views. Genting Skyway, a cable car, connects the resort with the plateau town Gohtong Jaya.

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