What to eat on Sunday? : SAPORE Monthly Special – Desayuno Buffet Fiesta [REVIEW]

Sunday is a great day to have a great gathering with friends and family especially with good food. And definitely, we need a good place with good food that could bring the joyous moment during the gathering. But where can we go? Ever heard about Sapore?

Desayuno Buffet Fiesta one and only at SAPORE, Ampang Kuala Lumpur

Restaurant Sapore

Desayuno buffet fiesta falls on the last Sunday of every month. Sapore is an Italian Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant that serves you Artisan food and fine wine. It is all about Jamon Iberico, Tapas and Wine and Desayuno means breakfast in Spanish.

Main Dish

Paella is a Valencian rice dish and has ancient roots. Nourishing, and vibrant, paella has held a place of honor and practicality in Spanish homes for centuries. The rice was so aromatic and tasty cooked with shrimps, long beans, and green peas.


Polenta is the perfect dish to have it with other main dishes. The texture was so soft and creamy until you keep on eating it.

It was my first experience having this Involtini Beef Stewed and I’m so inlove with it. A traditional italian dish, beef rolled slow cooked with tomato sauce. Something different for my taste bud and I love eating it with the sausages served on chafing dish.

Assorted Sausages

They served Rigatoni Stewed with Pork Meat which I had missed out the photo as it was served later on. This is also an important dish that should not be missed!

Side Dish / Appetizer / Salads

Besides the main dish, definitely many will look for a side dish to enhance their appetite and flavor. It could be Mix Salad, Roasted Beef, Poached Egg and much more. Let’s see what I had.

Bruschetta is a starter dish and it was called antipasto in Italy. Grilled bread with variety topping of choice. It’s so crunchy and delicious.

Chorizo Salami is a Spanish salami with rich and smoky flavor. Best eating with green olives if you like the combination.

Green Olives

Roast Beef is always my top choice. I love eating tender, juicy and plain roast beef as it was served in Sapore

Roast Beef with Mustard

Queso de Cabra best eating with any dish and also wine. It’s a goat cheese!

Queso de Cabra

Frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar an omelet or crustless quiche. For egg lover definitely, this could fulfill your craving.


Poached Egg is best recommended to egg lover and for definitely will never say “NO” to this dish

Poached Egg

One of Sapore signature dish Roast Porchetta (Pork) that make everyone line up for it. Owner of Sapore make his way to cut the Roast Porchetta (Pork)


A Quick Peek On The Food Served


Well, I believe now you will have Sapore to be added to the bucket list. As suggestion, the best to have your table secured is to make your reservation earlier via Book a Table

Visit their site here.

18, Persiaran Ampang,
Desa Pahlawan,
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon – Fri 2pm – 11.30pm
Sat – Sun 10am -11.30pm
Tel: +60 3-4266 6362

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