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BEST Bento MUST have at Sango Japanese Restaurant, PJ – Since 1995 | Crystal Crown Hotel PJ

After so many rounds of exploring Japanese Food, the BEST BENTO that we had was at Sango Japanese Restaurant. Sango Japanese Restaurant, a VERY hidden gem located at level 2 of Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya since 1995. Well-known Japanese cuisine created by Chef Shoimi who has been with Sango more than 18 years.

Sango Japanese Restaurant – Increase the quality over the years

When we hear about 22-years, we would probably think of old school restaurant. However, at Sango Japanese Restaurant nothing was decreased but under a new management of Mr. Andrew, the Owner, Sango keeps on increasing the quality of the food.

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Besides maintaining the quality and freshness, the sizes of each sashimi never reduced at all.

Fuji Bento – Sango’s Signature Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Fuji Bento is one of the Sango’s signature bento which many diners will never forget to order. The main dishes for Fuji Bento are the fresh sashimi and the delicious assorted tempura. Yakitori, deep fried along and fragrance rice are served along in the bento.

Sango Bento – Sango’s Signature Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Another signature bento is the Sango Bento. Instead of serving fragrance rice, this bento served chilled buckwheat noodle (zaru soba). Not only that, California maki, teppanyaki salmon, deep fried chicken and fresh sashimi are served in the bento as well.

10 New Bento Added

Yea, 10 new Bento is created and added to the menu. Today, not to have too much wastage, we will be trying only 8 Bento as we had done with the 2 sets signature bento.

Salmon Teppan and Tempura Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Nowadays many children were taught to eat healthy fish but many still don’t like fish. However, Salmon teppanyaki is one of the best ways to make the children love fish. In Sango, the fish have never been grilled too dry and the taste is still so delectable.

Unagi Kabayaki + Age Gyoza Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

The delicious and crispy taste of freshly grilled unagi is good enough to eat with rice but, this bento has more to indulge.

Saba Teriyaki Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Succulent tender flesh mackerel with amazing flavors and textures. Fused with a sweet and spicy sauce will have your mouth watering.

Yasai Kakiage Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

If you love fried and grilled, this would be your choice. Tempura fried vegetable with skewers and also served along with Tofu and Edamame.

Yakiniku Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

For beef eatery, you should try this! The beef is pan-grilled with sweet-savory sauce and chili. A twist-blend of Japanese style with our local style.

Sashimi & Sushi Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

The subtle flavors, delicate texture and vivid colors make sushi and sashimi such a unique eating experience. It is so fresh that it is melting in my mouth

Yaki Udon Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Craving for udon instead of rice? Yaki Udon for sure is your choice. A sourish aftertaste fried udon with seafood served together with yakitori and California Maki. Tamago and edamame are served in Bento too.

Yakitori Bento


Elegant skewers served in Bento with rice. Using only some salt and glazed with special made sauce. The sauce has a robust flavor and so addictive.

Fuh… Those are the 10 Bento we had tried and is highly recommended to all diners who are bento lover like us.

Sango Japanese Restaurant Sango Japanese Restaurant Sango Japanese Restaurant

Besides bento, they also have other varieties of choices.

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22 Years BEST Authentic Japanese Restaurant (Since 1995) | Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown PJ

Sango Japanese Restaurant (Level 2)
Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya,
Lorong Utara A, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12pm-230pm 6pm-1030pm
Contact: +603 7958 5228

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