Roast Duck, Chicken, Pork and Charcoal Stove Noodle | S11 One One, SS2 PJ [REVIEW]

The newly open Chinese restaurant at SS2 selling variety of roasted meat and their signature dish, charcoal stove Hokkien mee. S11 One One located along the shop lot at SS2/61, next to Infinity Spa.

S11 One One

S11 One One Restaurant

Having 2 different menus – One for Breakfast/Lunch and another one for Dinner. Grab your breakfast here as early as 7 am and lunch 4 pm. You may enjoy their dinner menu as early as 4 pm until 1 am.

Breakfast / Lunch 7 am to 4 pm

S11 One One

Roast Duck – Available also for Dinner. Whole Bird RM60.00 | Half Bird RM31.00 | Upper Quarter RM15.00 | Lower Quarter RM18.00
Tender and juicy duck meat. Love biting the drumstick straight away without rice.

Char Siew & Roast Pork – Small RM8.00 | Medium RM12.00 | Large RM16.00
Best combination to be served with fragrance rice.

Char Siew Wantan Noodle – Small RM6.50 | Large RM7.50
Simple yet delicious springy egg noodle with their specialty char siew (pork sliced).

Steam Chicken Curry Mee – Small RM7.50 | Large RM8.50
Delicious spicy curried noodle soup with soft silky steam chicken and topping with taofu pok and fish cake.

Deep Fried Dumpling (5pcs) – RM7.50
Crispy and filled with savory meat and seafood filling. Can never stop eating this.

Home Make Fish Ball Soup (7pcs) – RM8.00
Fresh and bouncy fish ball that one bowl can never enough to have.

Dinner 4 pm onwards

Charcoal Stove – Carbon Fried Hokkien Mee – Small RM9.00 | Medium RM18.00 | Large RM25.00
Dark & luscious Hokkien mee with the generous amount of crunchy lard on top.

NOODLE (Dinner Menu)
Lor Mee – Small RM9.00 | Medium RM18.00 | Large RM25.00
Thick Cantonese Style Gravy with egg and vegetable

Moonlight Hor Fun – Small RM10.00 | Medium RM19.00 | Large RM26.00
Wok-fried noodles in dark sweet sauce. Soft and delicious with the egg yolk overlay on it.

NOODLE (Dinner Menu)
Fried Mee Hun – Small RM9.00 | Medium RM18.00 | Large RM25.00
Simple yet delicious fried mee hun with varieties of topping. The prawns were very fresh.

Hainan Noodle – Small RM10.00 | Medium RM19.00 | Large RM26.00
My very first trial on this Hainan Noodle. It tasted a little bit taste of Kerabu as you can see onion & chili with a squeeze of lime was topped. The noodle was chewy and the gravy makes the whole plate tasted different compared to usual noodle.

SNACKS (Dinner Menu)
Fried Pig Intestines 
– RM16.00
Those who love to eat fried pig Intestines, this is recommended and you may request them to fried even crunchier. Taste better if goes along with chill beer.

Gong Bao Pig Intestines – RM16.00
This is not only as good as the fried one but it goes perfectly to have it with a plate of fragrance rice.

SNACKS (Dinner Menu)
Yam Ring with Squid (Menu typo error: Yam Ring Especially Fish) 
– RM16.00
The yam was very crispy at outside and soft at inside. I enjoy the yam so much.

Fried Diced Pork – RM16.00
This is my childhood dish. Savory with hints of sweetness, this is my favourite dish.


Never forget to get some chill drinks after gulping so much delicious roasted meat and noodles. Let’s take away one pack Roasted Meat & Char Siew Rice only at RM8.50 for dinner.

Overall, it was a blessed meal I had, under the invitation from Jen Wai and the owner of S11 One One F&B Group.
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S11 One One Restaurant
22M, Jalan SS 2/61,
SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

Operating hours: Open Daily
Breakfast & Lunch 7am-4pm
Dinner 4pm-1pm

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