Ramadan: A Blessed Month with Food | Cyberview Resort & Spa – Full Photo [REVIEW]

Ramadan month is a blessed month with food, especially during Iftar and Suhoor. Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

Ramadan: Iftar at Cyberview Resort & Spa – Verandah Restaurant

“LIVE-ON-THE-WOK” seafood galore,  stir-fry in action on fresh swimming tiger prawns and crabs

Buka Puasa with Muslim friends is really an enjoyable moment whereby we eat, we joke, and we laugh together. This time round, we will Buka Puasa together at Cyberview Resort & Spa with 222 menu items on Traditional Kampung Menu. There are 23 stall-concept stretches with Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, and local favorites. Besides that, BBQ charcoal grill seafood, jumbo sausage, chicken drummet, beef fillet and lamb cutlet are also served to all guests.

Salad Counter

Fresh Salad and Caesar Salad,  a very appetizing green leaf before the meal.

Kerabu & Mix Salad

Beside taking Fresh Salad and Caesar Salad, Kerabu has become my top 1 favorite before I start taking my main course.

Kerabu Melayu Counter

Kerabu kacang panjang & udang, Kerabu cendawan, Kerabu ayam panggang, Seafood salad with cocktail sauce
Beef salad with gherkin and mustard mayonnaise, Farfalle pasta with saute capsicum and pesto

Ulam-Ulam and Condiments

Ulam Ulaman is a must for every meal and is trend now. This vegetables that are eaten raw, blanched or boiled before consumption.

Ikan Masin Sepat, Bulu Ayam, Sepat, Telur Masin


Everybody’s favorite no matters in what age. They serve varieties of cake, tarts, jelly, pudding and many other choices.

Assorted Malay Kuih & Sweet Delicacies

Ramadan without Malay Kuih is never complete the appetite during Buka Puasa

Beverage Counter

Usually, the Muslim will enjoyed their sips of drink before taking any food. This is also a part of letting off the wind in the stomach before consuming food after a long fasting in day time

Action Station Menu (22stalls)

This is the best part, many of us love to explore what food will be served at the counter. Let’s us take a peep then.

Oh My God… That’s too much!

Why not just hop in and try out the foods there? Psstt…. Cold Soba Lover, you must try it!


CHICKEN RENDANG ICE CREAM?! Just try it and you might go for 2nd bowl then.

Walk-in Price for Iftar Buffet in Cyberview Resort & Spa
Mon – Fri
Adult RM138.00nett | Child above 5 RM69.00nett

Sat – Sun
Adult RM100.00nett | Child above 5 RM50.00nett

** Children below 5 FREE

Reservation: 03-83127091 / 7092

Cyberview Resort & Spa
Persiaran Multimedia,
63000 Cyberjaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

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