Ramadan Buffet: EARLY BIRD RM80nett ONLY – Ramadan Bersama Keluarga at Awana Hotel, Genting | Rajawali Coffee House [Review]

What better than having a Ramadan buffet spread at a mountain hike 3000 feet above the sea level.

Ramadan Bersama Keluarga – Awana Hotel, Genting

RAMADAN BERSAMA KELUARGA – Ramadan buffet in Genting

Wonder where to Buka Puasa during ur holiday or training in Genting?

Well, Rajawali Coffee House at Awana Hotel has long been renowned for its sumptuous buffet spread. Offering great variety and affordability for the coming Ramadan season.

The Ramadan buffet promotion at the coffee house, valid from 27 May to 24 June 2017

Ramadan buffet open from 6.00pm to 9.30pm. Pricing at RM100 nett for adults and RM50 nett for children below 12 and senior citizens above 60 years of age.

Early Bird promotion where an adult only pays RM80 nett per person. Booking before 23rd May 2017

Featuring not only traditional Malay fare but also dishes like Australian Roast Lamb and Ipoh Curry Mee.

Popular traditional dishes like Ayam Percik and Ikan Bakar are offered. They are serving Mushroom Soup and Char Kuay Teow too

For those seeking quality and variety amidst an air of festivity this Ramadan, Rajawali Coffee House is an excellent option.

Main dishes like Kambing Golek and Ayam Percik should be filling enough. There are also Gerai Satay and Otak Otak.

lkan Bakar counter offering all kinds of fish like Siakap, Kembung, lkan Keli and Ikan Tenggiri. Personally, I love the Ikan Keli.

Ikan Bakar Station

There is also Seafood Goreng like crab meat, prawn, squid and fish ball that can be enjoyed with traditional Malay sauces. The sauces are Sambal Celup, Sambal Belacan, Budu, Cincaluk and Sambal Tempoyak

Seafood Goreng Station

Most people would begin their meal with a soup hence, Rajawali speciality this time around is Citarasa Awana (which includes chicken slices and Roti Banggali). Nevertheless, you can also have Mushroom Soup or Tomyam Soup.

This being Malaysia, no buffet is complete without Penang or Ipoh food-there are two counters offering these.

The Penang counter features must have dishes like Nasi Kandar, Fish Head curry, Kambing Masala, Chicken Prathal and Roti Canai. Chicken, lamb and beef options can also be found.

Nasi Kandar Station

There is a Ipoh counter offering Ipoh Curry Mee, Char Kuay Teow and Sotong Kangkung. Not only that, there are also Laksa Johor, Laksam Kuala Kedah, Mee Bandung, Mee Jawa and Mee Rebus.

Ipoh Curry Mee Station
Sotong Kangkung Station

More traditional dishes like Aneka Ulam Ulaman, Aneka Kerabu, and Tauhu sumbat at the cold Kitchen. Therefore, one can also enjoy five types of Genting Garden Salad here

Aneka Ulam Ulaman

Main dishes worth trying include Asam Pedas Ikan Pari, Gulai Lemak Daging Salai, Rendang Tok, Patin Tempoyak, sweet & sour Lala and Japanese Taufu with Mushroom.

For porridge lovers, Bubuk Lambuk should be satisfying enough. However, there are also five to seven types of dates available either imported or local

Fruits are local favourites like ciku, langsat, manggis, kedondong, nangka, cempedak, and rambutan.

For Sweeth Tooth

From Kuih Lapis to Bubur Kacang Hijau to Goreng Ais Campur and Cendol. Not only that, Air Sirap Bandung, Air Sirap Selasih and Asam Air Kuching always the best choice for diners to sit back and enjoy.

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

Again I would like to say thank you to Resort World Genting for the invitation.

It was a great experienced to dine in here during the review.

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Genting Highlands is a high-altitude hill resort in Malaysia, located in the Titiwangsa Mountains northeast of Kuala Lumpur. Developed since the 1960s, the site comprises hotels, a shopping mall, restaurants and the Casino de Genting. Its Chin Swee Caves Temple sits on forested acreage with mountain views. Genting Skyway, a cable car, connects the resort with the plateau town Gohtong Jaya.

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