Delicious Homemade Sandwich with Plant-Based Burger Pattee| Phuture Daging

Let’s have some vegan meal at home today with the 100% Plant-Based Burger Pattees from Phuture Daging.

The Plant-Based Burger Patty Surprisingly Delicious

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This is our first time making a sandwich using the plan-based patty and at the beginning, my husband was a bit reluctant to try. But, after getting a small bite and he was amazed by its texture and taste. No way he can tell if it is a plant-based ingredient patty.

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I’m sure my mom would definitely love this too as she has been practicing vegetarianism for herself. The last time she ever did a sandwich for me was only with lots of cucumbers and vegetables. 

Phuture Daging Plant-Based Burger Pattees is HALAL

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Now everyone includes Muslim friends can enjoy vegan food without hesitation with Phuture Daging. The plant-based meat is manufactured in a Halal manufacturing plant.

They are making the possibility to supports Malaysians to adopt such an environmentally sustainable diet.

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So, if you are looking forward to trying this plant-based burger patty, then you should head to

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