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Phuture Daging: Plant-Based Meat – A diet to save the world

Nowadays we can see many people are living in an environmentally-conscious lifestyle but are you one of them? Lately, I have been reading some good articles delivering by Beyond Meat and Phuture Daging which we would love to share with our readers here.

Well, as a full-time home chef to the vegan family, picking up ingredients for the family is always the most challenging part. Are the ingredients with the right calories or enough nutrition? This always my first priority to check over.

Phuture Daging – the plant-based meat provider

My mother is a vegan and I always carefully pick my right plant-based food for her. During my research for a good quality plant-based meat – I found Phuture Daging.

Phuture Daging is a pioneer of plant-based meat solution provider in Malaysia. They believe that by opting for a plant-based diet can literally contribute towards saving the Earth.

Wow! It is impossible for not sharing this out.

How Plant-Based Meat Could Curb Climate Change?

During the research, I found out that the United Nations (UN) has identified climate change as one of the greatest environmental threats to our planet.

That’s the threats we have been worrying about but if you read further you will find how can we help in reducing the effect.

According to the Overseas Development Institute from the UK, one of the fastest ways to reduce the effects of climate change is by consuming less meat in our diet.

A 2018 study conducted across 119 countries found that animal-based foods had a higher carbon footprint than plant-based alternatives.

For 1kg of Beef emits 60kg of greenhouse gases but by adopting vegan you are actually only emitting 1kg of greenhouse gasses for 1kg of peas
So, by adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet, you’ll actually create a smaller carbon footprint by generating 41.7% lesser greenhouse gases.

In general, plant-based food production utilizes natural resources more efficiently and offers a better output ratio.

Phuture Daging – your meatless solution

Phuture Daging

If you considering of curbing the climate change, you can actually try going vegan/vegetarian once a week. It can still make the difference! By doing so actually you are about 15% hence reducing the environmental impact required for the production of your food.

Phuture Daging wholeheartedly supports causes like this.

What’s amazing about Phuture Daging, the plant-based meat is manufactured in a Halal manufacturing plant.

They are making the possibility to supports Malaysians to adopt such an environmentally-sustainable diet.

Besides introducing its plant-based meat options to the local market, they also has plans to initiate similar green movement campaigns in Malaysia in the near future.

The concept of next-generation plant-based meat solutions is still quite new here, hence the company hopes to raise greater awareness of the benefits of such a diet, especially from an environmental perspective.

Calling all F&B Outlets

If you are looking for plant-based alternatives in your menu, Phuture Daging is the right one to go.

Besides having these high-quality protein alternatives from Phuture Daging, they will also partner with you to create delectable dishes that will put a spotlight on a plant-based diet.

Through the relevant marketing campaigns, this will educate Malaysian diners on the benefits of a plant-based diet

Phuture Daging

Phuture Daging is a plant-based meat solution provider to support local
restaurants and cafes (esp SME) to incorporate plant-based meat into their menu, eventually contributing to environmental sustainability.

Phuture Daging

For more information about Phuture Daging and its plant-based products, email [email protected] or visit

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