Parklife: Healthy and Nutritious Meal with Vegan Options

Started our day with this wholesome, healthy and nutritions meal from Parklife. If you are looking into keto or pescatarian meal, I would suggest this!

Besides keto/non-vegan, Parklife have a list of vegan food as well.

As we can see, all ingredients used are off a high quality and freshly picked one. Let’s see what we have got here.

Moroccon Chicken over Spiced Bulgur Wheat – Parklife Signature


Among the top 3 best selling in the restaurant. The well marinated grilled chicken breast serves with aromatic spiced bulgur wheat. Each serving of about 500 grams, the calorie count is only 584 kcal. [info by Parklife]

Vegetarian Quasadillas served with hummus


Vegetarian Quesadillas with only 448kcal served with hummus / hummus +zaatar, herbs and pomegranate.

Sweet Potato Fries


Definitely a right place for me to get my favorite keto food and vegan meal for my mom.

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