Ostricare for Sweet Craving Kid – Healthy Treat (Halal) | REVIEW

Children have a natural craving for sugar. Many parents love to give sweets candies, ice cream or cookies as rewards after seeing their children well behave or success in one mission. Without noticing, the sugar content given actually exceeded the little body can handle or might beyond what any adult could handle. Today, Ostricare Tasties Pieces has created this healthy bites for kids who love candy!

Ostricare Tasties Pieces

Ostricare Tasties Pieces come with integrated tastes, each pack weighing 24 grams, with 30 cattle milk tablets.  These milk candy consists of 5 flavors in 4 different packs.

1. Mixed 30 Pieces (Original+Yogurt+Strawberry+Blueberry+Chocolate Flavour)
2. Berry 30 Pieces (Strawberry + Blueberry Flavour)
3. White 30 Pieces (Original +Yogurt Flavour)
4. Chocolate 30 Pieces (Chocolate Flavour)


• Certified Halal
• Made from both cow & goat’s milk powder
• Contains probiotics for a healthy gut
• Filled with vitamins and calcium
• Resealable pack to ensure maximum freshness

If you wonder how Ostricare taste like. Perhaps this may help you to imagine but Ostricare is much less sweet than this 80s milk candy

The similar texture


Ostricare Tasties Pieces is really delicious and parents don’t have to worry anymore about giving their children milk candy to eat. Besides less sweet, it is a Halal product from Taiwan, and it contains important nutrients that kids need such as Vitamin A, Calcium, and Probiotics.


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