Oriental Kitchen (妈妈私房菜) : Mom’s Secret Recipe | Kota Damansara [REVIEW]

Living in the city, far away from home and looking for oriental homecooked taste food? Oriental Kitchen definitely can be your choice – Homecooked recipe from a mom who is also the chef of the restaurant.

Oriental Kitchen (妈妈私房菜): Serving you an Asian Fusion food from a Mom’s recipe

Nowadays people were having such a very busy lifestyle in chasing their dreams. And of course, during the chasing, I believe many people will also wish to go home early to get mom’s food to comfort themselves but time was tied up with work and traffic jam. Today, we would like to recommend this Oriental Kitchen located at The Strands, Kota Damansara and so happened that this is the places where everybody hunts for foods during Lunch and Dinner Hour.

Oriental Kitchen
Lunch Crowd

Eat without worries. There is no GST & Service Charge on price.

Kapitan Seafood on Sizzling Plate (铁板甲必丹三鲜)

Something mild yet flavorful. Definitely, can finish the whole plate of rice only with this. I like this kind of special taste and kinda similar with green curry but all I can say is, this has the similarity of 70% with my mom’s cooking.

Oriental Kitchen

Dried Shrimp Stir Fried with Pig Intestine (虾米炒生肠)

This is one of most delicious dish I had. The crunchy and juicy intestines stir fried with dried shrimp leave the aromatic taste in your mouth – really mouthwatering. This is also one of the dishes with the most complicated way to handle it. From cleaning it layer by layer until it’s cooked. Never too long, never too fast or else it won’t be as tasty as this.

Oriental Kitchen

Thousand Island Pork Rib (霸王排骨)

Sweet, juicy pork rib mixed with thousand islands and carries the scent of curry leaves. This dish suitable for all adults and children.

Steamed Tilapia in Thai Hot Plate

Craving for something hot & spicy? Then you should try this. Oriental Kitchen still using the oriental way to keep warming the fish by using charcoal.  I would even love to have this with Red Snapper or Garoupa.

Crispy Pumpkin (金条)

Deep fried pumpkin strips with salted egg. Everybody loves this!! It was crispy salty outside and sweet inside. Definitely, will want more and more and more without hesitation.

Drunken Wine Chicken (黄酒鸡)

Wanna get drunk with me? This is one of the signature dishes in Oriental Kitchen which is well-known here. Those who love to have something tasted sweet with wine, this is recommended to you.

Claypot Shark fish (酸辣炒鲨鱼仔)

The fish was refined in texture and yet firm coating wit a special sauce which is little spicy and sourish. it is so indulging and can never enough having one plate of rice. Nah… It’s cheat day!!

Vegetable in Yam Basket (佛钵飘香)

Soggy and tasty taro yam mashed into a basket shape (Buddha’s Wall), and it was so crispy at the skin. Tasted 100% of the taro yam instead of tasted only flour which I usually tasted elsewhere. Not to mention the stuffing, it was so delicious and the chicken was juicy and tender.

Thanks to Jessy Ong for her invitation and Tiffany (Owner of Oriental Kitchen) for hosting us! You may also check out Jessy’s Review in Chinese Version【ORIENTAL KITCHEN】吃妈妈私房菜,一定要添多几碗饭 and also Set Lunch available in her review which is only RM8.90 and RM12.20 including soup and drink

It is advisable to make a reservation before dining.

LOOKING FOR HOMEMADE FOOD?… Definitely, you need to try Oriental Kitchen.

Business hours: 11 am-3pm, 5 pm-10pm (Closed on Sundays)
Address: 23G, Jalan PJU5 / 21,
The Strand Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-6142 3882

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