Nasi Bendang

Nasi Bendang – Best to eat at Paddy Field | MAEPS Serdang

The new experienced having Nasi Bendang at paddy field like in the olden days. The best nasi bendang can be found at the Rice Info Centre located in MAEPS Serdang.

Nasi Bendang

The old ways of having Nasi Bendang

Nasi Bendang

Nasi Bendang is a set of rice comes with 4 to 5 dishes in a bamboo tray. BEST EATEN WITH HANDS! It consists of assorted vegetables, sambal chili fried fish, kambing/ayam masak lemak and salted egg.

Rice Info Centre

Besides indulging this delicious set rice, definitely, we need to know how the rice was grown.

rice info centre

The traditional way of planting and harvest paddy.

This info rice centre provides the good education to all people especially children on how the rice was grown. This is also could let them know the period needed to grow a paddy and harvest to get the rice

Thanks to Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) for giving me this opportunity to learn and taste the delicious set rice at paddy field. Without Road to Agro Tourism, never will I get to know this beautiful place.

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