MyTOWNKL Celebrating Luck and Tugetherness in the Year of the Rabbit

兔(tù) – Celebrating Luck and Tugetherness in the year of the Rabbit (兔) with friends and family in MyTOWNKL.

An abundance of Exciting Activities is waiting for you in MyTOWNKL

MyTOWNKL Luck and Tugetherness

Bring your family to MyTOWNKL to walk down memory lane at Central Town and be mesmerized by the majestic 20 feet lantern with blossoming peonies and dazzling cherry blossoms decoration.

MyTOWNKL Luck and Tugetherness

Don’t miss out on the charming festive decorations of 12 Chinese zodiac animals showcased at Town Park. Each animal is associated with a personality trait.

Immerse into an array of thrilling activities from 2022, 29 Dec until 2023, 39 Jan.


Lion Dance by Kwong Ngai
Traditional: 7 – 23 Jan, 3pm at Central Town (GF)
LED: 7 & 14 Jan, 7.30pm at Town Park (GF)
LED Acrobatic: 22 & 23 Jan, 7.30pm at Town Park (GF)

The Martial Art of Wushu
Traditional: 7-15 Jan, 3.30pm at Central Town (GF)
LED 7 & 14 Jan, 8pm at Town Park (GF)

Contemporary Dance by UCSI University:
15, 21 & 23 Jan, 2.30pm at Central Town (GF)

MyTOWNKL Luck and Tugetherness

In this festive celebration, premium items exclusive to MyTOWNKL’s edition of Christy Ng Fillmoew Monogram Canvas Tote, alongside luxury bath towels, and a limited-edition red packet are available as a redemption.

To kickstart a new chapter for the year, MyTOWNKL welcomes several promising new outlets such as Serai, TGIF Friday, Perfect Ice, U Mobile, Curiookids, Ayam Penyet Best Station, 90’s Snacky, Aranorissa, and many more.

Moving forward, brands such as Artisan Carpet, Mukbang Tteokbokki Buffet, WEKOME, Buttonscarves, Fana Couture, an El Zahraa are expected to be opening their doors in offering a wider selection for shoppers.

Find out more about the shows and latest updates on MyTOWNKL’s Social Media #mytownkl #CNY2023

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