MIZICOR BEST SELLING: Avocado Ice Cream, Mochi and Calamansi Puree

Hello, readers out there! Believe that many of you have started to love avocado ice cream. So, today we would love to share our reviews on Mizicor best selling products. There are Avacado Ice Cream, Mochi, and Calamansi Puree.

Mizicor Avocado Ice Cream


Lovey-dovey avocado creamy smooth ice cream indulgence. Never settle for just one scoop but definitely, a pint will be my satisfaction.


Mizicor Avocado Ice Cream has NO artificial color, flavor, and preservative. They are using the avocado from the US.

Doesn’t contain Egg Yolk and Condensed milk too. They are using skimmed milk.

Flavors available:-
✨ Avacado Premium Ice Cream
Finest ingredients, rich in avocado taste
✨ Avocado Banana Ice Cream
Finest ingredients, rich in avocado with banana taste
✨ Matcha Ice Cream
Matcha powder 100% from Japan
✨ Salted Gula Melaka Ice Cream
Doesn’t contain coconut milk or condensed milk
Only Organic Coconut Sugar, sea salt, and fine ingredients are used

Durian Mochi and Chocolate Mochi


CHECK OUT ALSO the Mizicor fluffy Durian Mochi that made from real fresh durian and Chocolate Mochi. Both contain NO artificial colors,  flavors, and preservatives and made from high-quality ingredients


Look at the filling!! How would you stop eating it? Well, i just couldn’t get enough with only one or two pieces

Mizicor Calamansi Puree

NOT TO BE MISSED ALSO the Mizicor Calamansi Puree. A must to try.

Calamansi puree can be used as a mix in yogurt, dessert or salad dressing. I love to mix with my dipping sauce too!

As you can see from the usual puree bought were in black color but
Mizicor is in green. They preserve the natural citrus aroma and color of the Calamansi fruit.

The calamansi puree is prepared carefully in order to enhance the citrus skin aroma

GOOD NEWS – If you wish to try the ice cream, Mochi, and calamansi puree, now you can get it in bundles set!
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