Ming Ang Confectionery 明安特產專賣店

Chinese New Year is just one month ahead. if you are yet buying any Kuih Kapet or Egg Roll then you should check this out‼️ Egg rolls series by Ming Ang Confectionery.

What to buy at Ming Ang Confectionery?

It has been a tradition for us, the Chinese to have Kuih Kapet and Egg Roll during the Chinese New Year. Finally, for this year I can celebrate the Auspicious Tiger Year with my mom and my brother back at hometown.

So, what I have got from Ming Ang Confectionery are;-

  • Nyonya Traditional Handmade Kampung Egg Roll
  • Sweet Potato Handmade Kampung Egg Roll
  • Wallet Honey Chicken Floss Kapet
  • Nyonya Traditional Handmade Kuih Kapet
  • Gula Melaka Nyonya Handmade Kuih Kapet

The kuih Kapet and egg roll are not only delicious but also come with a very nice printed design cover which will be very presentable as a gift to friends and relatives.

Find out more at @mingangconfectionery or on their website www.mingang.my

Location link: https://mingang.my/outlets/

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