MOMMY & BABY CAFE: Family Cafe with Nursing Room Services in Mikali Cafe [REVIEW]

Mommy can spend their quality time with the little one while dating with Daddy in Mikali Cafe

About Mikali Cafe

A baby-friendly and family cafe that owned by a husband and wife – Kam Ching and Kaily. The idea of having this cafe was actually from Kaily who has a good experience in educating the New Moms about breastfeeding. So besides having good and healthy food, they provide Nursing Room as well and a lot of activities for mom and baby.

Nursing Room

Mikali Cafe’s Food

Serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee. Serving simple yet delicious food whereby contains NO MSG. Let us browse through what we had.


Never-over burnt pizza which is good enough for children to have it and the pineapple is so juicy and sweet. Besides Hawaiian Pizza, there are Veggie Lover, Tri-Cheese, Pepperoni & BBQ Chicken

Mikali Cafe
Hawaiian Pizza | RM13.00


The best Italian food is all about simplicity and about little things done perfectly.
Mushroom Aglio Olio is simplicity at it’s best and the one that filled up my appetite.
Chicken and Ham Marinara one of most top favorite pasta and Cheesy White Macaroni always won the children’s, heart.
Other pasta were Creamy Spinach, Cheesy Red Macaroni, Ham & Cheese Carbonara, and Seafood Aglio Olio.


Cheesy White Macaroni | RM13.90


Talking about chicken and fish, Stuffed Chicken with Rice is highly recommended and the tender-juicy stuffed chicken with aromatic rice was delicious.
For Daddy & Mommy who craving for juiciness and tenderness chicken or fish, hence Salted Cream Chicken Chop & Fish of the Day were highly recommended.
There is also a common request dish like Black Pepper Chicken Chop

For a cheesy lover, should have tried their Chicken Fillet Rice with Cheesy Sauce.

Fish of the Day | RM18.90
Chicken Fillet with Cheesy Sauce


French Toast is so simple, yet scrumptious and every child loves it.
Besides this, their famous Asian Delight is Fried Chicken Nuggets with Rice, Fried Fish Fillet, Cheezy Baked Rice.

French Toast | RM6.90


Beauty Flower Tea | RM7.00

Besides the above, there is also Big Breakfast – Mikali Style, Malaysian Style, Angmo Style and Couple Style | Panini & Sandwich & Burger  Kids Meal | Salad | Dessert 

So now, for those who always find trouble for babies-outing, you may add Mikali Cafe into your bucket list. Kindly refer to Mikali Cafe for their upcoming event for you and your baby

11, Jalan Dagang SD 2/1G,
Bandar Sri Damansara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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