MERRY Ice Cream

MERRY Ice Cream | Our Merriest Review

Recently stress keep on striking on us since the announcement of the extension of Movement Control Order. Working from home it’s never easy for me and the only way to reduce my stress – eating Merry Ice Cream!

Reduce stress with MERRY Ice Cream

MERRY Ice Cream

Everyone have their own way to release stress and my way, always ice cream. Recently, I have found MERRY Ice Cream which I could say: probably the best ice cream for me!

Classic Flavour – Rich Chocolate

MERRY Ice Cream

A must to try if you are a chocolate lover. The chocolate is so rich as it’s name and best eaten with toast or waffle.

A well balance mixture of 3 types of Belgian chocolate, giving it dark chocolate aromas, mild balanced sweetness from the milk chocolate, and a heavy creamy texture to coat the palate for a nice long after taste.

Signature Flavour – Gula Melaka

MERRY Ice Cream

Manage to try their top 1 signature flavour ice cream – Gula Melaka. Honestly, this flavour match the best with my waffle! Definitely will repeat order for this flavour.

A familiar sweet and fragrant taste that we are able to find in most of our local dessert but we made it beyond basic! Try it for yourself

Fruity Flavour – Soursop

Merry ice cream

This fix my soursop craving with their new flavour ice cream which launched lately. Taste so good and every bite there is a soursop flesh. So refreshing and GOOD!

Soursop is one of those fruits that despite having an abrasive appearance, is actually super sweet and yummy. Merry’s refreshing sorbet allows you to enjoy all of the unique sweetness of soursop without the trouble.

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