LASTS Calf Compression Sleeve

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Well, as a food blogger definitely we need to do a lot of calorie burn to maintain our healthy lifestyle. Running and badminton are my favorite sports and I am happy to get sponsored with LASTS Premium Calf Compression Sleeve by PTT Outdoor. Now I can even protect my calf during my sports day.

LASTS Premium Calf Compression Sleeve

LASTS Premium Calf Compression Sleeve

Many of you have probably seen people at races or running around the streets that have those compression socks or sleeves on. What is the befit of wearing those calf compression sleeves?

LASTS Premium Calf Compression Sleeve

  • Protection:  They protect your legs from small scratches, abrasions and nasty things like poison ivy on the trail.
  • Swelling:  Compression technology has been proven to limit swelling, especially in people who spend all day on their feet.
  • Dirt:  Collects on your sleeves and not on your legs.
  • Warmth:  Allows you to wear shorts on those iffy days when you’d reluctantly wear tights.

LASTS Premium Calf Compression Sleeve

Why LASTS Premium Calf Compression Sleeve?

LASTS™ Premium Calf Compression Sleeve is made of nylon and beautifully finished with double stitching.
Why double stitching? Nylon is a lightweight fabric and LASTS™ Premium Calf Compression Sleeve is stretchable, so the double stitching prevents unraveling of the fabric even at the most extreme performance.
LASTS™ Premium Calf Compression Sleeve is an elastic fit item and it provides pressure on the calf to promote blood flow.
LASTS™ Premium Calf Compression Sleeve comes in two different sizes which are M and L. Both sizes have similar length and the differences are on the upper and lower-calf circumferences which meant to comfortably fit the user.

  • Premium quality stitching – Nylon with double stitching
  • Elastic fit
  • Compression effect
  • Fits: even with a lot of movement during workout
  • Color: Black with Gold Stripes
  • Comes in two sizes: M and L

Where to buy?

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LASTS Calf Compression Sleeve

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