Indulge Fresh Seafood by Kungfu Steam Seafood, Puchong [REVIEW]

A unique way to steam fresh seafood instead of having a steamboat. One of the best way to indulge fresh seafood without any artificial flavor or chemicals. Yes, we are talking about indulging FRESH seafood – Kungfu Steam Seafood [No Pork No Lard] located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

Kungfu Steam Seafood

Kungfu Steam Seafood [No Pork No Lard]

Nowadays people keep talking about eating healthily, and Kungfu Steam provides the healthy way of eating without salt, sugar or MSG. Talking about steaming seafood definitely, you may choose your favorite seafood at the seafood market located just before the entrance.

Seafood Market – The Ocean Transporter
Having lots of live seafood – Prawns, Fishes, Crabs, Clams and much more.

Steaming for a group of  6 people – ONLY RM298.00!

Kungfu Steam Seafood
Signature Flower Crab Porridge
Green Mussel 6pcs | Flower Crab 3pcs | Live Clam (Kepah) 1.5kg | Handmade Fish Ball 15pcs | Mix Vegetables
Live Tiger Prawn 600gm | Mix Mushroom | Siakap Fish Slice 300gm | Chicken Slice 300gm
Shell Scallop 6pcs

Once ready, Kungfu Steam Seafood’s staffs will manage the steaming for us as a different kind of seafood, for sure will have different time of steaming.

Before starts the steaming, the ingredients for Signature Flower Crab Porridge will surely have to be placed at the bottom of the pot whereby they will use for steaming later. Let’s check it out whats it looks like after all the steaming done.

Food Steaming Time

Live Clam (Kepah) 1.5kg – Was so fresh and juicy. I still can taste the natural saltiness in that clams. I could said this gave a great kick start for our steaming meals.

Live Tiger Prawn 600gm – Live fresh tiger prawn (it’s still moving)!! Look at the freshness of the prawns, mouth-watering.

Shell Scallop 6pcs – The scallops were fresh and juicy!

Green Mussel 6pcs | Flower Crab 3pcs – Mussel and crab time!!! Tasted so sweet and Awesome!!

Handmade Fish Ball 15pcs | Siakap Fish Slice 300gm – Fresh bouncy handmade fish ball and thick sliced Siakap fish. Nicely done and tasted so delicious

Chicken Slice 300gm – One of my favorite and my very first time eating it this way.

Mix Mushroom | Mix Vegetable – Yummylicious assorted mushroom and vegetables. Love putting fiber into my stomach after consuming so much delicious food.

So, this was how the porridge looks like after all the steamings were done. Just put some gingers and pickled vegetable with spring onions into it and blend all over it. This is the best porridge I ever had with the original sweetness dripped from the steaming process.

Last but not least, we were served with two sweet-Licious desserts

Osmanthus Jelly 6pcs – Healthy Jelly for all.
Japanese Red Bean Mochi 4pcs
 – For sweet tooth lover, this is really sweet enough for you,

It was another blessed meal and at this time around, manage to catch up with some new blogger friends. I love dining at this place with friends because of its chill environment at indoor and the outdoor definitely my choice, check it out.


Kung Fu Steam Seafood (FACEBOOK)
13a, Jln Puteri 7/13A,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday Dinner 5pm -11pm
Saturday Lunch 11.30am-3pm | Dinner 5pm -11pm


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