Japanese Food Lovers: Japanese Tapas Bar & Restaurant: KOUZU Malaysia, TTDI [REVIEW]

Kouzu Japanese Tapas Bar & Restaurant – Not like the common Japanese restaurant as no ramen and sushi were served.

Japanese Tapas best compilation with Beer, Whisky, Wine and Japanese Sake

Talking about Kouzu Malaysia, Kouzu not only serves JAPAS (Japanese Tapas) but also Salad & Greens, Japanese Pizza, Yakitori, Pasta & Noodles, Donburi and dessert. They are also serving alcohol drinks – beer, whisky (Japanese or non-Japanese), wine and Japanese Sake.

Before we go further about what they have why not we see what they serve

Salad & Greens (5 in the menu)

SASHIMI SALAD WITH WASABI MAYO serves with all time favourite sashimi – Sake (salmon), Maguro (tuna), Ebi (prawn), Tsubugai (clam) served with deep fried lotus root and salad vegetables. Mix it up together and taste the freshness of the sashimi. The dressing was just nice to cover up everything.

Japanese Tapas
Sashimi Salad with Wasabi Mayo

ROASTED PUMPKIN WITH ROCKET LEAVES SALAD – immediately you can taste the balsamic vinaigrette which tossed together in the salads and a little scent of lemon that mix well perfectly. The strawberry… It’s so sweet and aromatic.

Roasted Pumpkin with Rocket Leaves Salad

Japas (Japanese Tapas) (20 in the menu)

STONE GRILLED SIRLOIN – One of the best Sirloin that really tender, soft and Juicy in town. Served in a wrapped foil and was arranged perfectly on a stone grilled which a lot of people were mistaken it was a superb big mushroom.

The sirloin was grilled slowly inside until when it was served on the table, you can see the smoke came out from the foil and the moment foil opened, the aromatic could just make us mouthwatering.

Stone Grilled Sirloin

CHICKEN GYOZA – Never too big, never too small and the fillings could just make you chew it with your eyes closed. Frankly speaking, eating this with Japanese Sake really give perfection to your taste buds.

Chicken Gyoza

PAN SEARED TUNA AND FOIE GRAS – One of a luxury food. Eat it while is Hot. Kouzu Pan Seared Tuna is so soft and chunky when you bite and lay perfectly on foie gras. Best match for me, taste it with a sip of white wine and I could feel the world.

Pan Seared Tuna with Foie Gras

BAKED ROLL SUSHI TOPPED WITH DICED SCALLOP – Thick cheesy roll for a cheese lover.

Baked Roll Sushi topped with Diced Scallop

CREAMY BAKED OYSTER – A good way to enjoy the oyster if you don’t like it fresh. Definitely the perfect simple flavour dish

Creamy Baked Oyster

Japanese Pizza – 4 inches (5 in the menu)

Pizza without pizza base and Kouzu’s Executive Chef made it with Japanese Rice
JAPANESE ESCARGOT – The juicy yummy tasty Japanese escargot lay on Thin Crust Japanese rice base. Perfect match to have it with Chilled Beer.

Japanese Escargot

Yakitori (19 in menu)

WINGS – Chicken wing sprinkled with salt and spices. Perfectly cook until the spices absorbed into it. This definitely perfect match with a glass of chilled beer.


SIRLOIN – Never to hard, never to raw. Perfectly grilled on griller. One skew definitely never enough. One word: Best


ROCK LOBSTER – Who ever thought to skew lobster and grill it? Well, it was my experiency to munch this juicy and aromatic Rock Lobster that really could make my body jagger. yuummeh!!

Rock Lobster

OKRA – Also known as Lady’s Finger and is one of the favourite nutritious vegetables.


SHIITAKE – Talking about yakitori, shiitake is a never missed out dish. Another best dish to be eaten with a glass of chill beer.


Pasta & Noodles

SANUKI UDON PASTA – A little spicy and chewy when munching. Those pasta lover, you should try this.

Sanuki Udon Pasta


SASHIMI TOPPED WITH AVOCADO AND IKURA – The flower is edible! This is so fresh when is all mix well in the bowl. The saltiness of the ikura, the freshness of the avocado and sashimi really so appetizing and definitely will come back again for this with Japanese sake.

Sashimi topped with Avocado and Ikura

GRILLED TRUFFLED BEEF WITH ONSEN TAMAGO – Beef Lover must try this. The meat was highly aromatic, tender and succulent and one is never enough. I mean one mouth but you can have two bowls of this as the deliciousness could jive up your happy hour night. I love the Onsen Tamago (sous vide egg).

Grilled Truffled Beef with Onsen Tamago

ISHIYAKI STONE BOWL – The satisfaction and happiness you could find in this hot-stone bowl with the combination of Hotate (scallop), Unagi (Japanese Eel), Ebiko (capelin roe) , Tori (chicken), Shiitake (mushroom) & Onsen Tamago (sous vide egg). The most fulfilling dish that I ever had.

Ishiyaki Stone Bowl

 Special Menu (6 in the menu)

KOUZU UNAGI ROLL – This is not only special but Delicious. Don’t ask me what the taste… I can only say is Chef’s Special Creation…You better move yourself here to try it

Kouzu Unagi Roll

Exploring the Alcohol Beverages Beside Carlsberg, Connor’s and Asahi

So, Are you ready to Happy Hour with me?

Well make your move now or else will be full-house again. Call James for Reservation: 03-7733 9309 / 018-366 3987.

Remember to order Japanese Tapas…

It was an honoured for being invited by Mr. Andrew. It was really a great experienced doing review in Kouzu Malaysia with Foodilifecious Featured Blogger.
From Left: Kellaw, Pui Yee, Racheal, Andrew, Baz Tan, Jia Shin, Vicky and Windz

Kouzu Malaysia ~ TTDI
18, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-7733 9309 / 018-366 3987.

Open Daily 4pm – 1am

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