Affordable Japanese Semi Fine-Dining in Old Klang Road | KIMI-YA [REVIEW]

KIMI-YA Japanese Restaurant, a hidden gem nestled at Avantas Residences Old Klang Road. A cozy place offers almost 280 dishes with premium quality ingredients without burning a hole in your pocket. Besides having value-for-money dishes, Kimi-Ya also having a great deal of their monthly promotion.


I love the way they welcome all their guests and every guest will be served with Welcome Drink – Citrus Juice.

KIMI-YA Monthly Promotion

EXTENDED PROMOTION until 21st August 2017Hokaido Nama Uni | RM38 ONLY – Limited Air Flown Fresh Uni (Sea Urchin) from Japan. Extremely fresh and incredibly tasty. Umami at its best!

SPECIAL PROMOTION from 22nd – 31st AugustIwagaki | RM36 – Wild giant oysters that come from the deep cold water of the Japan Sea. Only available from 22nd August until 31st August.

KIMI-YA Signature Dish

KIMI-YA Soft Shell Crab Salad | RM33 – Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Assorted Vegetable and Deep Dried Salmon Skin.
Having 3 different dressing for salad – Sesame Dressing, Wafu Dressing, and Yuzu Dressing.


Goushuu No Wagyu Ishiyaki Miso |  RM120 – One of my favorite!
Grilled thinly sliced Australia Wagyu Beef on Hot Stone with Spicy Soybean Paste Sauce.


Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon |  RM38 – Cold thin wheat noodles served with dipping sauce.
This is what we called, Quality Udon! So delicious and refreshing. Highly Recommended for those who love chilled noodle.


Tempura Curry |  RM30 – Japanese Curry with Shrimp Tempura.
I’m surprised with the taste. It’s totally different than the usual we had else where and it doesn’t taste sweet at all and the curry so aromatic. So far I tasted the best at Kimi-Ya.


Foie Gras Teriyaki |  2pcs RM90 | 1pc RM48 – Pan fried Foie Gras and Mushroom with Teriyaki Sauce.
Never say no to Foie Grass as In Kimi-Ya they cooked really differently and literally melted in the mouth.


Take Sushi Moriawase (Assorted 19 pcs) |  RM88 – Tuna, Cuttlefish, Salmon, Yellowtail, Crabmeat, Shrimp, Salmon Roe and Tuna Thin Roll
For sushi lover, you can enjoy this Take Sushi Moriawase. So fresh and the portion was generous enough to fill up my taste bud.


Mizu Shingen Mochi |  RM10 – Japanese raindrop cake served with brown sugar syrup and soybean powder.
Delicious and refreshing jelly raindrop made for your mouth. In Kimi-Ya, their raindrop so Kawaii!

Matcha Shiratama Zenzai |  RM10 – Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste and Glutinous Rice Balls.
Oishi!! Delectable green tea ice cream that will complete your whole meal tonight with the chewy soft glutinous rice ball will even make you want more!

Yuzu Sherbet |  RM10 – Makes an irresistibly tasty dessert that refreshes the palate.

Abekawa Mochi |  RM10 – Homemade Rice Cake with Red Bean Paste and Soybean Powder.
Abekawa Mochi takes a soft, chewy base and coats it with a subtly-flavored coating of sweetened Kinako flour.

After One Week….

I am back here again for Foodilifecious 1st AGM and Kimi-Ya has been our choice. This time around we had tried the Extended Promotion -Hokkaido Nama Uni. It was my very 1st time having this Sea Urchin and I already love it. It’s so fresh and I can see the urchin moving it torn. This proves for its freshness.

We also tried Teishoku, Donburi, and my favorite Kaisen Don.

Saba Shioyaki Gozen |  RM28 – Grilled Mackerel with Salt
Chicken Teriyaki Gozen |  RM28 – Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce

What a generous portion we had. Simple yet flavorful. Served together with chawanmushi and soup that really warms our stomach and sweet juicy watermelon and grapes as dessert

Gyu Shioyaki Yaki Don |  RM30 – Rice topped with Stir Fried Marinated Beef with Soy Ginger Sauce
Soft and melt-in-mouth thinly sliced beef marinated with special sauce.


Bara Chirashi Don |  RM28 – Rice topped with Cube Assorted Sashimi (White Tuna, Tuna, and Sashimi) with Marinated Vegetable
This bowl of Chirashi Don is topped with superb generous portion sashimi and every piece tasted the natural sweetness from the sashimi.

Don’t worry about getting parking if you want to be here as there is Free Valet parking.

Get yourself updated with their Monthly Special Promotion at KIMI-YA

KIMI-YA Japanese Restaurant
289, Jalan Klang Lama,
Taman Shanghai,
58100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hour:
Mon- Thurs 12pm- 3pm, 6pm- 10.30pm
Fri– Sun 11.30am- 3pm, 6pm- 11pm

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