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[Announcement] Jalan Jalan Japan: Malaysia Largest Preloved with Cheap Price opening on 30th Sept 17 | One Shamelin Mall, Cheras

Jalan Jalan Japan is the largest shopping outlet in Malaysia selling preloved items which are almost from Japan. In Japan, their people are very disciplined in handling their personal belongings and always wanted to provide to others on what they have too. Due to limited storage space constrain them to kept the items, however, the concept of ‘Preloved’ has evolved into an integral part of Japanese Cultural

Jalan Jalan Japan – Preloved concept in Malaysia

Many of us yet enjoy the contemporary shopping excitement in Japan, and this is why Jalan Jalan Japan decided to have their 2nd outlets in One Shamelin Mall. Offering a wide variety of products such as households, kitchen, baby stuff, sports, furniture, luggage and many others.

Beautiful mini plates for your dining and serving your guests at home

Nice classy coffee machine and they have many varieties of thermos as well

Jalan Jalan Japan

Each and every dresses you see is only limited to one piece per size only. Wow.. That’s exclusive!

Jeans price started from RM25 and it really caught many attention

So many handbags, tote bags, children bags and luggage can be found here.

Something for your children? Yeah, they have plenty over here at Jalan Jalan Japan.

Get your man a shirt too. From office wear to casual wear and also sports wear.

You can find many sports items here such as a golf club, gym gear, surfboard and much more.

Toys collection lover? Yea.. all this is not imitation product and almost everything here is authentic.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Jane for her invitation to shop here at Jalan Jalan Japan and I don’t expect to buy so many souvenirs for my friends whereby it’s only within RM 100. I bought more than 13 items!!!!!

Well, come and join us for their Grand Opening on 30th September 217 at One Shamelin Mall, Cheras.

First 100 shoppers will get 10% discount on total bill
Extra 5% off if you mentioned Foodilifecious Blog

Jalan Jalan Japan
1 Shamelin Mall
Unit L3-006, Level 3,
100 Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa
56100 Kuala Lumpur

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