Famous Ipoh Street Food in Kuala Lumpur | Ipoh Street Market, Avenue K [REVIEW]

We can also get Ipoh’s famous street foods in Kuala Lumpur now. One and only Ipoh Street Market at Avenue K, Jalan Ampang. Get your craving fixed without driving to Ipoh anymore.

Ipoh Street Market

Ipoh Street Market – Since 1980

Located on the upper concourse level of Avenue K. Ipoh’s famous local street delicacies since 1980 can be found under one roof now.


Today we would like to highlight three type of rice dish you must have.

Ipoh Street Market

Roast Pork Rice (Siew Yok Rice) | RM12.90 – Mouth-watering crispy crackling roasted pork served with fragrance rice that one place can never enough.


Steam Chicken Rice | RM12.90 – Simple yet delicious steam chicken dipped with ginger paste and special chili sauce. Served with fragrance rice


Ipoh Street Market

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken | RM13.90 – Rich and flavorful chicken rendang. The chicken was stewed spices and coconut milk served with fragrance rice.


Those who don’t feel like taking rice, you can actually try out their noodles or flat rice-noodle, Chee Cheong Fun.

Ipoh Street Market

Curry Mee (Yellow Noodle + Mee Hoon) | RM11.90 – Curry Mee is Ipoh’s local favorite and topped with chicken, roasted pork belly, and lime. The curry mee was unique yet authentic.


Ipoh Street Market

Dry Curry Mee (Yellow Noodle + Mee Hoon) | RM11.90 – Dry Curry Mee is also one of the Ipoh’s local favorite. Besides the soup base curry mee, this dry curry mee have a different hint of curry spices. Much milkier compared to the soup base.


Ipoh Street Market

Prawn Noodle (Mee Hoon) | RM11.90 – The noodles were decent and the soup was rich with umami taste. Look at the generous portion of fish cake.


Rice Noodle Roll with Curry Pork Skin (Chee Cheong Fun) | RM6.90 – Silky smooth Chee Cheong Fun with deep-fried pork skin. The curry was flavorful and so much appetizing to me.


Sweet Delicacies

Talking about sweet, Ipoh has its well-known snacks or desserts such as Tau Fu Fah, kaya puff, sweet potato dessert and so much more.

Sweet Potato Dessert | RM3.50 – Clear tasting dessert to whip up on a Sunday Afternoon with this sweet, soft and warming sweet potato dessert


Pulut Kaya | RM5.90 – Pulut kaya or steamed glutinous rice served with coconut jam,  is a popular Nyonya dessert. One of Ipoh’s famous dessert.


Ipoh Kaya Puff | 6pcs RM7.50 | 3pcs RM4.20 | 1pc RM1.50Freshly baked crispy golden kaya puffs.


Ipoh Caramel Custard Egg | RM4.80 – One of the trending dessert in Ipoh now available in Ipoh Street Market. Chilled and wobbly custard egg that melt in your mouth.


Ipoh Bercham Tau Fu Fah | RM3.50 – One of the most inexpensive and delicate Chinese dessert and literally melts in your mouth. Eat it chill or warm, is your choice

Wan Tou Long Jelly | RM3.50 – Know as Yellow Jelly that lay on top of shaved ice and it goes perfectly with lime and asam boi. The most pleasant desserf on this hot sunny afternoon.


Fruits Rojak | RM8.50 – Malaysian Spicy Fruits Salad, is a mixture of fruits and mixed with thick black sauce made up with shrimp paste, chili, and dash of grounded peanut

Those were the gastronomic hallmarks of Ipoh. Indulge yourself at Ipoh Street Market, Avenu K with Ipoh local delights!

Ipoh Market Street
Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang,
Kampung Baru, 50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: +603- 2181 2623
Operation Hours: 8am to 10pm (DAILY)

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