Hua Yi Yuan Chinese Restaurant at Le Quadri Hotel KL

Located on the 2nd floor of Le Quadri Hotel, Hua Yi Yuan Restaurant serves up well-flavoured and good-looking classic Chinese dishes in pretty and lavish surroundings.

Le Quadri Hotel

If you are looking for Halal Chinese restaurant to host your friends or business clients, Hua Yi Yuan is highly recommended to you. Thou is Halal but the authenticity flavor of the dishes were still good. Thanks to Chef Peter!

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Hua Yi Yuan Value Sets

Hua Yi Yuan serving great value set at a affordable price. It is also ideally for both private and family luncheon or dinner.

Value Set 1: Hua Yi Yuan Seafood | 3 Dishes + 1 Soup

Hua Yi Yuan

The seafood set consists of 3 dishes + 1 soup and fragrant rice which is great to serve from 3 to 4 pax at the price of RM138.

Soup of The Day | Seafood Set

Seaweed and long cabbage egg drop soup and it’s really taste as good as home.

Steamed Seabass Fillet | Seafood Set

Hua Yi Yuan

Enjoyed the rich layers of flavor intact steam seabass at Hua Yi Yuan. Best eaten with fragrant rice. You may also choose to have deep fried style instead of steam (Photo at Premium Package below)

Wok Fried Sea Prawn with Buttered Cream Sauce | Seafood Set

Hua Yi Yuan

Wok-fried prawns blanketed with savory and spicy butter cream sauce.

Chef’s Choice of Vegetables | Seafood Set

Hua Yi Yuan

Broccoli & cauliflower with assorted mushroom.

Value Set 2: Hua Yi Yuan Premium | 4 Dishes + 1 Soup

The premium set consists of 4 dishes + 1 soup and fragrant rice for 5 to 6 pax at the price of RM238.

Soup of The Day | Premium Set

Seaweed egg drop soup with seafood tofu.

Deep Fried Seabass fillet | Premium Set

The fillet is deep fried until super crispy and drizzled with aromatic premium soy sauce. You may choose to have steamed style too.

Wok Fried Sea Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk| Premium Set

Hua Yi Yuan

Finger licking good for this aromatic wok fried presents with salted egg yolk.

Braised Asari Clam in Superior Soup | Premium Set

Le Quadri Hotel

The braised clam is rich in umami – delicious! Truly satisfying and we couldn’t stop digging on it!

Chef’s Choice of Vegetables | Premium Set

Braised broccoli & cauliflower with assorted mushroom. Simple yet delicious with oyster sauce.

Both sets come with complimentary assorted fruits and Chinese Puer tea.

HYY Organic Healthy Chicken

If you are there for dining, do not forget to order their signature organic healthy chicken. RM 140 for whole bird.

Soft and tender braised whole organic chicken with superior soy sauce. Thick superior soy sauce served at the side for dipping

Steam style is available too with minced ginger sauce and superior soy sauce served at the side.

Menu for Value Sets & HYY Organic chicken

All above are available for walk-in guests and also for group reservation. For reservation, you may WhatsApp them directly at 013 462 9285.

for further info, please visit to their official website:

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