How to Shop PERFECT 10 at Jalan Jalan Japan | Check this out now

Jalan Jalan Japan, a well-known Preloved Japanese Concept Outlet located at One Shamelin Mall, Cheras. Malaysia Largest Preloved with Cheap Price. Click here for more about Jalan Jalan JapanToday we will discuss on the topic of How to Shop in Perfect 10.

How to Shop at Here?

Many been asking what’s inside and how and where to starts first. Well, I have been here more than 5 times. From 6 hours shop became 4 hours and now, I can walk entire outlet with only 2 hours and bought more than 30 items in RM100.00


For Firs timer – Always starts from LEFT

Everything on the left usually is all about households, kitchenware, cutleries, and bottles. If this is what you are looking for, then go to the LEFT.
REMINDER: Always place the item back in the usual place

Step 1: Always be wise in choosing. Not to be wasting, choose what you need

How to shop How to shop

Step 2: Buying your needs on your utensils, plates, bowls, and others. Nice to see Nice to hold.. Once Broken Consider SOLD. – Take good care of your children

How to shop How to shop How to shop How to shop

Step 3: What’s cooking tonight? Gee, claypot chicken rice tonight? Determine what you need the most and are you going to use often.

How to shop

Prefer to starts with ladies clothing? Then just walk straight in (Middle)

SEE… the staffs put a lot of effort to make this place clean and tidy so, it is our responsibility to make this place clean as well.

Step 4: Either you are looking for casual or formal, this is the right place for you to grab it. Please put it back after you have taken it out!!!

How to shop How to shop How to shop

Step 5: Bag, Shoes, Scarfs, and Belt. The most being messed place. See with your eyes first then decide it which to try. Again, please put back in the usual place.

How to shop How to shop How to shop How to shop

The staffs really spend a lot of time to tidy up the place. so please love them by not messing up this place.

Step 6: Many thought buying new items for a toddler could be a waste as they grow very fast. Well, in Jalan Jalan Japan, you can find many preloved toddler items. All you have to do, pick and pay then bring it back to disinfect it. After this, ready to be used then.

How to shop How to shop

FOR MEN: Go to the RIGHT for sports or men corner

Step 7: Let’s proceed to the sports session or straight to Step 8: men’s wear

How to shop How to shop How to shop

Step 9: The toys Corner. WHY IT HAS TO BE THE LAST? At least the children will not be bugging you when you are doing your picking (Remember to check out the video for full guide)

How to shop

So, there goes your PERFECT 10. Pay your bill at the cashier. Not to worry about the queue as they have many counters waiting for you. If you happened to buy any item that needs electrical or battery, always get the item checked behind the counter. Ask for assistants!!!

Gee, there are the items I picked for myself and friends. I bought 35 items for RM 100 only… COOL!!!

Still wondering what is Jalan Jalan Japan? Then check this out:

Jalan Jalan Japan
1 Shamelin Mall
Unit L3-006, Level 3,
100 Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa
56100 Kuala Lumpur

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